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Kitty Modelling Clothes

Hi, my name is Kitty and I have recently completed the Level 3 Fashion, Business & Retail UAL Extended Diploma

Throughout my childhood I was always interested in fashion design and loved dressing up. My mum taught me how to sew at a young age which sparked my interest as I loved to create new and unique things that I could show my family. I then discovered the fashion course at Weston College online and was excited to be able to pursue a course which I had genuine interest in!

The best part of this course is the support I have had from my teachers as well as the huge array of facilities. Anything that I have wanted to experiment with, whether that is fashion based or pottery/print etc, there is always a helpful tutor ready to support me.

Learning how to make my own patterns has been fascinating, it has taken a lot of resilience but when you get the pattern right the feeling of accomplishment is amazing.

The facilities are incredible, we have access to so many amazing tools that we are free to use from industrial sewing machines to an incredible print room. These facilities really helped me to boost my work and create interesting outcomes.

The amount of support we have at the college is fantastic and is something which took me by surprise! The summer show at the end of each year is an incredible way to showcase what we have created. It’s really lovely to be able to show your friends and family what you have been working on throughout the year.

I would highly recommend the fashion course! A lot of hard work and dedication needs to go into your work to get good results, however it is all worth it in the end.

Below is some of the work I created during my time on the course. Thank you for reading!


Dave Crew talking at the front of the stage at NextGen

Weston College has announced that David Crew, the Head of Business Growth & Employer Partnerships, will be joining the Somerset Chamber of Commerce as Managing Director starting in September. David has been a vital part of Weston College Group since 2016, playing a crucial role in driving the College’s growth and strengthening its industry connections. His efforts have significantly contributed to the College’s recent ‘Strong’ rating in regional skills by Ofsted.

The Somerset Chamber of Commerce, a key employer representative body in the region established in 1995 and accredited by the British Chambers of Commerce, will welcome David as Managing Director. The Chamber represents members who employ a 15,000-strong workforce, reinforcing its importance in the regional business landscape. Weston College, as a Business Partner for the Somerset Chamber, will continue to collaborate closely with David and regional skills partners through initiatives like the Local Skills Improvement Plans.

Reflecting on his tenure at Weston College Group, David Crew said,

“Weston College is an incredible organisation, and since joining in 2016, I’ve been fortunate to witness colleagues deliver its mission of ‘creating brighter futures’ every day. It’s a truly inspiring College that changes lives. I’ve enjoyed seeing the culture of integrating employers into the curriculum through its Careers Excellence Hubs and the College being at the forefront of skills training with T Levels, Skills Bootcamps, and Apprenticeships. Over 1,000 businesses now work closely with the College to access its training and inspire its learners. I’d like to thank all my colleagues and the committed employers who support the College. I look forward to continuing to champion the further education and skills sector, which I believe is the beating heart of our regional skills ecosystem.”

Jacqui Ford, Interim Principal and Chief Executive of Weston College, expressed her gratitude for David’s contributions, stating,

“David joins the Somerset Chamber with our best wishes and thanks for his contribution to the College and its work with employers through his leadership of the Business Growth team. As we look forward to a new academic year, the College is in an incredibly strong position, and the solid links with employer partners are a key factor in our success. We look forward to continuing to work with David in his new role at the Somerset Chamber of Commerce, a key regional partner of the College.”

If you are passionate about education and are looking for an opportunity to join the staff team at a leading college, then look at the latest job vacancies available at Weston College here. You can find all the latest job opportunities that Weston College has to offer, with a commitment to providing quality education for learners and a focus on continuous professional development for staff, Weston College is an excellent place to work and grow in your career.


My name is Gary, and I recently completed the adult Level 2 Diploma in Electrical Installations.

May I start by saying; having been one of the eldest students on the course I found the thought of undertaking this course a little daunting. It has been a very long time since I was expected to study and undertake exams, assessments etc. From the first classroom session it was clear that the teaching staff were very good in their professional fields, their teaching techniques were second to none, they took time to explain lessons and more importantly actively encouraged questions, regardless of if it seemed daft or not. They would take time to deliver the question in a simpler form and patiently explain the outcome, making the whole process pleasurable (believe it or not).

The teaching staff would encourage a positive attitude when it came to undertaking essential exams to progress the course to the next stage. Those who were a little unfortunate to miss out on a pass would be offered additional help and reassured that the exam would be passed. They were very sympathetic and supportive if someone did not make the grade at that particular time, and the course candidates were actively encouraged to work together and help each other, which was very refreshing to see.

Again, Lee’s, Andy’s, and Mark’s knowledge in practical sessions greatly helped to get to the result, a pass on the course. No matter how many times things needed to be explained or demonstrated they would be patient and approach various ways to explain and demonstrate the task being undertaken. Their knowledge of electrical principles was outstanding and made the course even more enjoyable.

In my opinion they are an asset to Weston College, and with tutors of this calibre I can only see Weston College going very far in the education world. The commitment these staff have to get their students through the course is again outstanding, despite the long hours put in to deliver the course while teaching daytime students.

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