A Level Media Class in a guest lecture

Weston College students in the A Level Media class were treated to an enlightening guest lecture by Sheikh Shahnawaz (Nawaz), Managing Director and Co-founder of Ozel Creative. Nawaz, a seasoned professional in the creative industry, brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the eager students. While discussing Ozel Creative, he discussed the challenges and triumphs of creating a brand with a vast client base for marketing and social media.  

In addition to Nawaz managing Ozel Creative, he is also a freelance film director and producer. He has recently directed, written and produced a feature film “Bluff” which is available to stream on Amazon Prime. He has also directed and produced several other exciting projects.  

Nawaz sought to inspire the learners he was speaking to saying: “Don't underestimate your resources available as a student. Go out there and experiment with different forms of media on your devices. I always knew that I wanted to make stuff, so I started out by using handi-cams from college to film random videos.  

“You might want to approach different organisations and ask to make free content for them. You might want to apply for media work experiences based on your interests. You might want to go with your friends to film a passion project on your phone! That's how I started, with that little curiosity!”  

A Level Media lecturer Ethan Shi was delighted by the guest lecture saying: “It was really fantastic to see Nowaz giving key insights to the creative industries to my Y1 learners, sharing what it takes to succeed by working your way up from A-Level Media.  

“It's really important to explore every opportunity! The industry talk will motivate the learners to discover their passion and really want to pursue their key interest!" 

This guest speaker forms part of the Sixth Form Careers Excellence Hub. The College has fourteen sector-specific Career Excellence Hubs, which evidence our dedication to supporting both employers and learners in achieving their future goals. By creating a seamless connection between industry and education, we enable learners to acquire not only the essential skills and knowledge but also the professional networks necessary to excel in their chosen fields. 

The outsider knowledge and perspective will help the A Level Media class better understand their Advertising & Marketing module where they were analysing and evaluating a variety of print and audio-visual products by acknowledging how it's made, its purpose, industry context, and audience delivery. 

A huge thanks to Nawaz for inspiring our learners! 


To find out more about A Level Media click here, to find out more about all of our A Levels click here

Group picture of staff in Job Centre plus

On Wednesday 22nd November, teams from across Weston College took over the Weston Job Centre Plus, to showcase the opportunities and courses of all levels which are available to adults.  

From an idea that stemmed in the summer, which the Department for Work and Pensions supported, the initiative was able to turn into a rewarding and worthwhile event, helping adults progress towards employment. 

Tutors and support staff across a wide range of faculties including Pre-Employment, Part Time/Full Time Adult Courses, Traineeships, Apprenticeships, Access to HE, Bootcamps and ESOL were in attendance, offering advice on the best next steps to those who came along. 

The Job Centre welcomed over 300 people on the day, resulting in a fantastic number of sign-ups to courses of all levels, giving the opportunity for upskilling, retraining or beginning a new career. 

The Hair and Beauty department were offering free haircuts and manicures, and the Digital Education team bought along their VR headsets. The free activities created a welcoming and inclusive environment, and were a highly positive addition to the event.  

Mike Hudson, Strategic Lead – Recruitment Adult Studies, commented on the success of the event: “Here at Weston College, we understand the impact that upskilling and retraining can have on an individual's career. This is why we choose to run events such as these, making them as inclusive and accessible as possible to get advice and guidance to those who require it. 

“I’m thrilled with the success of the event and the positive feedback I have received since. It would not have been possible without the incredible team at the Job Centre, the DWP and, of course, the Weston College staff – it really goes to show what a bit of collaboration can achieve.” 


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Football player kicking a football

Weston College's Foundation Learning Football Academy is making headlines, as they qualify to represent the South West at the AoC National Finals, taking place in April at Nottingham University.

Qualification was secured in a stunning 6-0 victory against Yeovil College, a testament to the team's dedication and collaborative spirit, with star of the match, Lucas Adams, showcasing his skills with an impressive hattrick.

Nick Chadwick, one of the team’s coaches, expressed pride in the players' hard work and commitment: “This journey to the National Finals is a testament to the incredible dedication and inclusive ethos of our team. Every player, contributes to our success, fostering a true sense of unity and sportsmanship.”

Joe Radcliffe, one of the other coaches echoed these thoughts, saying: “We have seen some amazing performances, with the team scoring lots of goals on route to the final. The team continue to impress us every match, and we’re looking forward to the finals in April.”

As they gear up for the National Finals at Nottingham University, the team is poised for another thrilling chapter in their remarkable journey.

A huge well done to the team, and good luck in the finals!

Richard from Loud Speaker speaking to a crowd.

We were extremely pleased to be joined by Loud Speaker on Tuesday, delivering their workshop on ‘The Game of Life’. This workshop is designed to help young people build their resilience and confidence as well as raising their aspirations, increasing their emotional intelligence & developing unique personal storytelling skills. 

The speakers were fantastic, delivering impactful and thoughtful workshops with high energy. A key element of Loud Speaker’s workshops involve developing young people’s ability to speak confidently in situations like an interview, a first date or on a stage. Loud Speaker say that “For the young people that we interact with, the future is a beautiful mystery. The only thing that’s certain is that they will have to source opportunities and convince people to take a shot on them.”

Richard from Loud Speaker speaking to a crowd


One of the speakers Richard gave us some inspiring words: “As much as we all love technology and social media, I feel like we’re losing that ability to look someone in the eye and use our voices confidently and competently.  

“I want to be able to go into colleges across the country, especially here at Weston College, to be able to give young people that skill and also make them feel confident that they can use their voices again in any walk of life that they choose to use it.”  

Richard from Loud Speaker


We spoke to our Head of Personal Development and Student Voice, Antonia Travers who said: “It was fantastic to have Loud Speaker come in and deliver exceptional workshops to our learners, for the second time. We had four facilitators deliver eight, three-hour sessions, over three campuses.  

“The workshops were highly energetic and motivational, they supported the development of learner's communication, resilience and inspired them to think about their futures and aim high. 

A huge thank you to Loud Speaker for coming in and inspiring our learners!  

Learner having a VR headset fitted

Recently our ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) learners took part in an exciting exercise hosted by our LibraryPlus team. The class was given an immersive demonstration of the latest virtual reality (VR) technology, opening a gateway to a new dimension of learning. The students, many of whom had never experienced VR before, eagerly donned headsets to explore innovative tools that could one day revolutionise their educational journey. 

Weston College aims to integrate VR into its curriculum, recognising its potential to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment. The initiative reflects our commitment to preparing students for the challenges of the modern workforce, where technology plays an increasingly vital role. The students enthusiastically embraced this cutting-edge technology. 

The VR experience was a hit with the ESOL learners. Student Mohammed said: “It was amazing! Very different, and a strange feeling but something very new.” Learner Tony particularly enjoyed the experience saying: “I really enjoyed it; it was super fun!”  

ESOL lecturer John said: “It was an amazing immersive experience. Students were able to explore with focus.” 


Learner using VR technology
Group photo of public services learners and Tony Wilson

Weston College public services students were visited recently by Tony Wilson, a Physical Training Instructor at Bristol Prison for a guest lecture. During the lecture, Tony emphasised the importance of resilience and determination, highlighting the challenges he faced while pursuing his passion for physical training. He spoke passionately about his time at Bristol Prison, emphasising the role of physical fitness in inmate rehabilitation. 

We are particularly excited to have Tony join us, since he is actually a former Weston College student! Tony said: “The public service course equipped me with all the necessary skills and now I am excelling in my role as a [Physical Training Instructor] PTI.” 

Lecturer Nicola lauded the visit saying: “Tony came into college and enthused the current Public Services cohort with tales of his experiences and exploits in the Prison services.”    

Tony Wilson's return to Weston College not only showcased his success but also highlighted our commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals prepared for diverse career opportunities. The lecture left a lasting impression, motivating students to pursue their passions with determination and aim for a future filled with possibilities. 

This guest speaker forms part of the Public Services Careers Excellence Hub. The College has fourteen sector-specific Career Excellence Hubs, which evidence our dedication to supporting both employers and learners in achieving their future goals. By creating a seamless connection between industry and education, we enable learners to acquire not only the essential skills and knowledge but also the professional networks necessary to excel in their chosen fields. 

If you want to find out more about public services courses click here.

Bosang outside Knightstone campus

Weston College is proud to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of Bosang Humphrey, an Access to HE student who has demonstrated exceptional resilience, dedication, and unwavering commitment to his education. Bosang, originally from Cameroon, overcame numerous personal obstacles and adversities to pursue a career in Mental Health Nursing. 

Bosang embarked on his educational journey by enrolling in the Access to HE: Nursing, Health, and Midwifery program at Weston College. His story is a testament to the transformative power of education and the ability to overcome challenges, inspiring students, staff, and the wider community. 

From the moment he arrived in the UK in 2006, Bosang exhibited a relentless pursuit of excellence. His journey began with overcoming language barriers, but through hard work and a positive attitude, he conquered these obstacles. His academic achievements, initially at a pass level, have since soared to merits and distinctions, showcasing his exceptional abilities and dedication. 

One of the most remarkable aspects of Bosang's journey is his determination to improve his IT skills. As a novice in IT upon joining the programme, he persevered, and today, he handles technology with ease. His dedication to self-improvement is an inspiration to fellow students. 

Bosang's commitment to his studies extended beyond the classroom, as he frequently stayed late, invested additional time, and sought support to enhance his learning. His extraordinary efforts have made him a role model for all learners, illustrating the power of determination and perseverance in the pursuit of education and personal growth. 

Maxine Park, Subject Area Manager for Access to HE at Weston College, had high praise for Bosang. She stated,  

"We have been very fortunate to meet Bosang, as he inspires us during every session. He is a shining example of what dedication, resilience, and a thirst for knowledge can achieve. He achieved academic excellence and radiated positivity and a willingness to go the extra mile. He embodies the qualities that this award represents – a relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep desire to contribute positively to society. Bosang is not just a student; he is a role model, and he undoubtedly deserves recognition for his outstanding accomplishments and the inspiration he provides to others." 

In addition to his academic achievements, Bosang has brought a deeper understanding of his culture to his classmates, encouraging them to explore other cultures and ways of thinking. His warm and infectious energy has earned the admiration of his peers, who often seek his guidance. 

Weston College wholeheartedly believes that Bosang deserves recognition for his exceptional accomplishments and that his story will continue to inspire others to overcome obstacles and strive for excellence in their own educational pursuits. His future in the Mental Health Nursing sector is undoubtedly bright, and the College looks forward to witnessing his continued success. 

Tree planting with the Lord Lietenant of Somerset

Weston College was yet again celebrated for its sustainability work, being asked this week to participate in a very special tree planting ceremony to commemorate the coronation of King Charles III.

The planting of the red oak tree donated to Somerset by Buckingham Palace, took place on the King’s 75th Birthday (14th November) being planted in the Sensory Garden at Vivary Park by the Lord-Lieutenant of Somerset, Mohammed Saddiq, assisted by the Chair of Somerset Council, Councillor Mike Best, and Somerset’s three recipients of the “Tree of Trees” of which Weston College was one (in addition to Bishop Fox’s School in Taunton and The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme in Somerset).

The College was gifted its special tree, (which formed part of the ‘Tree of Trees’ giant sculpture outside Buckingham Palace, to celebrate Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022), for its collaborative tree planting work for the Queen’s Green Canopy project, and work to engage students, staff, and the community in this impressive UK wide green initiative.

Somerset’s Lord-Lieutenant, Mohammed Saddiq, said:

‘Today has been a very special occasion indeed and a lasting memorial to an important moment in our history,’ with Jacqui Ford the College’s Interim Principal adding:

‘We were thrilled to receive a legacy tree from the iconic Buckingham Palace sculpture, for our work to cascade the important biodiversity message behind the Queen’s Green Canopy project - and for our students and staff to be asked to assist in such a special tree planting this week in Vivary Park, to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III has been a real honour.

Tree being planted in Taunton

three business people in a meeting

We have some incredibly rewarding and fulfilling jobs in prison education, and would love for you to join our fantastic team! 

Our aim is to deliver an outstanding and inclusive learning experience to support the successful rehabilitation, resettlement, and employment of offenders on release. 

Weston College have been providers of prison education since 2011, The College - rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted – now provides nationally recognised qualifications and a wide range of extracurricular opportunities to thousands of offenders. 

Our delivery focuses on transformational learning and raising aspirations – changing learners’ perceptions of education and ensuring that education packages meet the needs of offenders when they complete their sentence. 

The College is committed to helping a new generation of offenders to gain skills which will help them to find employment after their release. To achieve this, we deliver nationally recognised qualifications – including diplomas and NVQs – in all our prisons and provide the highest standard of quality in all our teaching. 
We are looking to appoint high calibre, enthusiastic and talented professionals. Successful candidates can be supported to establish new or changed careers via teacher training and CPD initiatives. 

Find out more information, and book a call with our recruitment team, by clicking here! 

Marketing and Communications

The marketing department is responsible for promoting Weston College to the public, by promoting the Colleges courses, achievements and events.

Our aims are to attract learners to study within the Weston College Group, build and grow the College’s brand and highlight its reputation, and promote the College Group’s success, student progression and outstanding support for our learners.

The marketing department manages the College’s websites and official social media accounts, runs advertising campaigns, creates press releases, and manages many of the College Group’s events, such as Graduation, the Celebration of Success and the Business Awards.

We produce a wide range of publications including our full-time, Higher Education and part-time prospectuses, course leaflets and posters, and other documents such as the College’s annual report, magazines and newsletters, course brochures and the student handbook.

Weston College is committed to providing accurate and timely information for local, regional and national media, and the general public.

The marketing team is available between 8.30am and 5pm, Monday to Thursday and 8.30am to 4.30pm on Fridays. You can get in touch with us by emailing marketing@weston.ac.uk.

All of our press releases are uploaded to the news section of our websites. News from the academies we sponsor, including the North Somerset Enterprise and Technology College, can be found on the news section of the Inspirational Futures Trust’s website. News pertaining to our Higher Education Provision can be found on www.ucw.ac.uk.

The marketing department produces most imagery and film in house, and keeps an extensive archive of the photographs it takes. If you would like a copy of an image featuring you or a member of your family, please contact us at photography@weston.ac.uk.

Our photos of graduation and many other events can be found on the College’s Facebook page. High quality images can be found on the College’s Flickr account.

Weston College is able to accommodate many requests to provide locations for film and photography. The College has a range of attractive, modern and adaptable facilities which can be viewed on our youtube channel.

We also are able to provide heritage facilities such as the Victorian Hans Price designed Conference Centre and, from September 2017, the 1927 Winter Gardens Pavilion.

For booking details, contact marketing@weston.ac.uk.

For enquiries about sponsoring key events such as Celebration of Success, Business Breakfast, Business Awards and Graduation, please contact the marketing team by email at marketing@weston.ac.uk.

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One Message, Different Voices

Take a look at this powerful film made by the staff of Weston College to show how important it is for everyone from different backgrounds to be included. The film shares heartfelt stories and interviews with a diverse group of staff, showing how accepting different identities and backgrounds can make a big difference. Its purpose is to encourage viewers to think about their own biases and work towards making our community more welcoming to all. We invite everyone, regardless of their background, to join us and be a part of our journey toward a more inclusive future.

Halo workplace logo

Our workplace champions the right of staff to embrace all Afro-hairstyles. We acknowledge that Afro-textured hair is an important part of our Black employees’ racial, ethnic, cultural, and religious identities, and requires specific styling for hair health and maintenance. We celebrate Afro-textured hair worn in all styles including, but not limited to, afros, locs, twists, braids, cornrows, fades, hair straightened through the application of heat or chemicals, weaves, wigs, headscarves, and wraps. In this workplace, we recognise and celebrate our colleagues’ identities. We are a community built on an ethos of equality and respect where hair texture and style have no bearing on an employee's ability to succeed.