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Learners at bottom of escape slide

Recently, 20 learners studying Level 2 and Level 3 Travel and Tourism took a trip to Heathrow Airport near London.  

The trip went to the British Airways training facility at Heathrow Airport, where cabin crew for British Airways flights all over the world are trained. The learners took part in the Safety Equipment and Procedures training day. Spending a lot of time flying requires a strong focus on safety, making this training an excellent first step to take on the journey to becoming a cabin crew member.  

The day consisted of a range of experiences and training including pilot incapacitation, using a slide raft, a cabin evacuation and debrief. On top of this, learners got to experience using a mock decent slide for an Airbus A320! Students also used fire extinguishers to put out flames in a carefully controlled environment.  

The training was completely interactive, giving learners the chance to get real-world hands-on experience, with highly experienced cabin crew trainers. The day was designed to give an insight into what the full five-week British Airways training programme would include.  

The students were given the chance to ask the instructors any questions that they had to get the best insight they could into future careers within the industry. In addition to the Safety Equipment and Procedures, the instructors also gave learners relevant and up-to-date interview and application tips for the tourism industry.  

This training trip forms part of the Business Careers Excellence Hub. At Weston College our approach goes beyond the traditional classroom setting. Through industry speakers, workshops, employer projects, and more, we equip our learners with the real-world experiences and insights that set them apart in the competitive job market. It's not just about getting a job; it's about standing out from the crowd when they embark on their job searches. 

Travel and Tourism lecturer Hannah Carstensen said “This has proven to be a fundamental experience for the learners who are interested in a career in cabin crew. We are looking forward to running this trip again for our future learners!” 

To find out more about travel and tourism click here!

Students striking a pose

We are excited to share a fantastic music video produced by our talented Performing Arts students. Shot on location at the Helicopter Museum and our very own Berkoff Theatre, the video showcases the incredible creativity and dedication of 14 students from both Level 3 Year 1 and Year 2 Performing Arts Dance programs. 

This innovative project not only demonstrates the students' exceptional skills in dance but also provides them with invaluable insights into the professional dance industry. By taking full ownership of the production process, including selecting the music, dance style, location, costume, and choreographic elements, the students have gained a deeper understanding of the demands and expectations of modern professional dancers.

"We are immensely proud of our students and their outstanding achievement in producing this captivating music video," said Joe Miller, Performing Arts Lecturer. "This project allowed them to apply the skills and techniques they've learned in class while fostering creativity and professionalism in a real-world setting."

The choice of locations was made by the students themselves, adding a personal touch to the project and further enhancing their sense of ownership and creative control. This hands-on experience not only strengthens their performance skills but also prepares them for future endeavours in higher education or the professional dance industry.

"Dance for camera presents unique challenges that differ from live performances, and this project provided our students with an invaluable opportunity to explore this aspect of the industry," added Joe. "Through meticulous planning and organisation, they have demonstrated exemplary professional etiquettes and honed their skills in a dynamic and exciting environment." 

This experience formed part of the Creative Arts Careers Excellence Hub; Weston College is committed to preparing learners for success in a rapidly evolving job market which is reflected in our offer via our bespoke Career Excellence Hubs, which form an integral part of all college programmes. By exposing students to diverse perspectives and immersive experiences, Weston College continues to nurture the next generation of Performing Arts professionals who are equipped to make a positive impact in their future careers and communities.  

For more information on our Performing Arts courses, click here!

Student plays 'password cracker' game.

This week the College collaborated with the British Computing Society (BCS), by hosting an inspiring Safer Internet Day event at the Loxton Campus, bringing together learners, staff, technologists, policymakers, and digital experts to explore responsible digital navigation and harness the full potential of online spaces for learning and growth.

The event, which was held on the national Safer Internet Day, Tuesday, 6th February, at the College’s celebrated Loxton Campus, treated students to a series of compelling talks by renowned experts in the field. The guest speakers shared their expertise in a highly creative space showcasing work from A level Fashion and Art students, to inspire creative thinking on topics such as online trust, safety, cybersecurity, education, and public benefit - encouraging students to think critically about their online presence.

Take a look at the film captured on the day:

The guest speakers included:

Professor Victoria Baines FBCS, Online Trust, Safety, and Cybersecurity Expert Prof. Victoria Baines Julia Adamson MBE, Managing Director Education and Public Benefit at BCS Julia Adamson MBE; Clare Moody, Co-Chief Executive, Equally Ours Clare Moody; Daniel Aldridge, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at BCS Dan Aldridge Daniel Aldridge.

Following the captivating talks, learners were actively involved in a task that encouraged them to identify real-world problems that individuals encounter in digital spaces. This engaging exercise aimed to empower them to think proactively about online challenges and find innovative solutions. The students enthusiastically collaborated, sharing ideas and experiences while actively participating in the discussion.

The feedback session that followed showcased student creativity and problem-solving skills, as they presented their identified issues and proposed practical solutions. The interactive nature of the task not only made the learning experience enjoyable but also provided a platform for students to express their thoughts and insights on safer internet practices. In doing so, the panel is now able to take the voices of our students directly to the heart of Westminster, providing further insight into the big tech companies at the same time.   

Students listening to a presentation

Daniel Aldridge, a former Weston College A Level student and current Head of Policy and Public Affairs at BCS who made such a fantastic day possible said: “Safer Internet Day is a day across the UK to champion people and organisations that are making the internet safer.”

“Every year we come together to talk about how we can make the internet safer so everyone can thrive not just survive online. This year we chose to host our national focus event at Weston College”.

After the student interaction opportunity, an engaging community networking session followed, where our staff, together with the panel, had the chance to connect with industry professionals and local businesses to explore what a digital future might look like for Weston-super-Mare, and the West of England as a whole, in terms of ‘Place.’

"I don't think that the general public, civil societies, and politicians have quite grasped the need for a change in digital skills and IT literacy. It's about having the base level of digital skills – because without it we are not going to be able to survive in our digital environment.”

“That’s why Further Education Colleges like Weston College play a fundamental role in cascading knowledge and expertise across our communities.”

Professor Victoria Baines FBCS explained to us the vital role that young people play in modern technology. “Who are the people that know most that technology has changed? It’s the young members of society particularly learners that are engaging with digital media.

“They're the people we need. They are the people that can tell us what we need to be worried about, how we can protect them and their communities”. She added.

Jacqui Ford Interim Principal at the College added “Our students have really enjoyed the chance to get their voices heard with such an influential panel, delivering the event’s theme of ‘local action, inspiring global change’. A huge thank you goes to BCS and Dan, and all the incredible guests who gave us such a fantastic, insightful Safer Internet Day! 

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