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Bristol Port Company

There has been great success this year for our Engineering T Level Learners who have all completed their Industry Placements! Our employers are essential to the development of our learners, and we are extremely grateful for their help in driving the future workforce within the engineering world.

The industry placements have led to some learners being offered apprenticeships and employment opportunities, massively helping learners with the transition into working life following their studies.

Here is what Rotamec’s Paul Korb - Health and Safety, Compliance and Sustainability Manager had to say about taking on Industry Placement learners:


“The placement not only benefits the student during their experience with us, but it further allows the business to assess and find the ideal candidate who wishes to pursue a career in our industry. It allows us to ‘try before we buy’ and we will offer an apprenticeship at the completion of their course.

Not only does this benefit the business, but it also allows the student to sample our business and decide if this is a career path they wish to pursue.

Every student that attends our business, could be the future engineer for our industry. They could also be the next supervisor, foreman, or manager. If the student has the attitude for the job, we will assist the student to develop their skills and development. The students assist with the day to day running of the business and has really had a positive impact.”


A big thank you to all of the following employers for providing our engineering learners with placements and giving them the invaluable experience of working in industry:




Dans Engineering


Dirt Driver


L3 Mapps

Starling Cycles


Sigma Aluminium


Will Haley Engineering

Bristol Port Company


Plant Ex Machinery

RJ MotorSPorts


If you would like to enquire about hosting a work placement student within your workplace, please contact


Last week saw Weston College and UCW's Creative Arts Summer Show - a vibrant event that showcased the creativity and talent of our learners! This event proved to be a fantastic outing, featuring live music, artwork, fashion, film, and delicious locally sourced food and drinks – demonstrating the artistic spirit and youthful energy of our Creative Arts learners.

The opening night featured a silent disco, live music performances, and food vendors, setting a vibrant tone for the days to follow!

Thursday continued the festivities with the same excitement as the opening night, enhanced by a radio masterclass, a music video showcase, and a Candar radio interview.

Friday, the longest day of the event, featured a media documentary showcase, another radio masterclass, a media short film showcase, community classes in ceramics and print, an LGBTQ+ prom, a pride silent disco and live music, along with the ever-popular food vendors.

Finally, Saturday wrapped up the event with professional industry talks at the Bristol Old Vic by Faye Elvin, who provided invaluable insights into preparing for drama school auditions and navigating the industry as a new graduate.

We received lots of positive feedback from learners, including Finn who expressed that he found the experience fun and was particularly pleased to see Shungite perform.

Dan said he revelled in the nice weather and festival vibes and enjoyed seeing Degree perform at the pavilion!

Festival goer Josh said that he and his family had a wonderful time at the event on Saturday, and he is looking forward to returning next year!

The summer show offered a unique opportunity to immerse in the dynamic arts scene of Weston College and UCW and support the next generation of creative professionals. Thank you to everyone who joined us in celebrating the incredible talents of our learners!

T Levels Logo

Just a few years ago, we launched the exciting T Level provision, designed to seamlessly integrate classroom learning with invaluable real-world experience.

As T Levels continue to transform vocational training across the UK, you're likely brimming with questions about what these qualifications truly entail for you and how the industry placement works – from finding the placement to the types of tasks you will complete.

To give you the inside scoop, we spoke with Sandra Bull (SB), Assistant Principal and T Level Lead at Weston College, and Paul Korb (PK), Health and Safety, Compliance and Sustainability Manager at Rotamec, who welcomes T Level learners each year.

Together, they delve into the details, highlighting the immense benefits and diverse opportunities that T Levels offer.


How does the Industry Placement fit into the overall T Level programme?

SB: Each curriculum area designs their delivery with several selected employers as part of our Career Excellence Hub. They use them and the qualification spec to ensure that the placement is built in at the most appropriate time for that industry sector.

This may alter with each curriculum, for example Education and Early years have a national shortage of room staff so our learners assist via weekly placements.

In Digital we have employers happier to give projects so this specific division offer placements in blocks so that learners can see a project move from its start to completion.

PK: Bringing T Level students into the Rotamec business gives our staff a great opportunity to practise their mentoring skills.

Young people bring fresh ideas and new ways of thinking that can help our existing staff think differently about the way they do things. In addition to this, it allows the business to assess suitable candidates for an apprenticeship position, a try before we buy scenario.

How will my child find an employer to complete an Industry Placement with – do they need to apply and complete an interview?

SB: We have a team of experienced staff to assist when finding the correct placement. This team will make contact with your child once they are enrolled to the course and between them and the tutor you will have all the guidance and advice required to select the best option.

Most industry placement will require the learner to have an interview, and this is a great way to find out their expectations and if that fits your child’s career aspiration.

PK: Going into any workplace for the first time can be very daunting, especially for youngsters.

Rotamec has a robust partnership with Weston College. Because of this, Rotamec wishes to ensure that your child feels at ease coming into our workplace and settles into the business in no time.

The college will arrange everything for your child and will communicate its plan for the placement with us. Prior to attending the workplace, the college will ensure that your child is ready for the placement.

Can you provide an overview of the type of tasks my child will be doing during their Industry Placement?

SB: The Placement Officer and Tutor attached to your industry will explain what tasks may be required to complete and how this will fit into the overall qualification specification leading to the achievement.

PK: Each placement will be different depending on the course your child is on. Rotamec ensures that the activities undertaken during the placement, under pins the course.

Therefore, we will ensure that the placement has a blended learning outcome for your child. There may be some tasks that your child will undertake, but this is essential to give the child the chance to experience a normal working day that may be varied.

How many hours per week/term will my child be expected to work during their Industry Placement?

SB: The overall expectation generally is around 315 hours over the year (for some sectors this will be higher for example Engineering and Early years) so this can be split into even blocks across the two years or their will be an expectation to attend weekly. During your child’s interview for a T Level this will be explained to them linked to their pathway and sector.

PK: The placement could vary for each cohort. For T Levels, the work placement will be a minimum of 45 days. However, if your child wishes to attend additional days, we will ensure arrangements are made with the college to accommodate this. School holidays are very popular for the learners to do extra days.

What are the benefits for my son/daughter in completing an Industry Placement?

SB: Placements give valuable work experience, which are very important when it comes to building up a CV. It reflects the learner’s ambition, their work ethic and reliability.

On top of this, several T Level learners in the past have gained degree apprenticeships with the organisation that they completed their placement with, so this is certainly a big benefit of the T Level.

PK: Focusing on professional skills, T Levels have been designed with leading employers to give you the knowledge and skills you need to progress into work, further study or an apprenticeship.

T Levels combine class-based learning with an industry placement, giving you the chance to get hands-on experience and learn what a real career is like while you continue your studies.

What kind of supervision and support will be provided to my child during their Industry Placement?

SB: Each placement has a dedicated manager or mentor who will be involved with regular reviews between the learner and the college tracking progression and areas to develop.

PK: Each candidate is assigned a mentor during their placement. We offer a variety of experience across all departments within the business, and each of the mentors will ensure the safeguarding of the students and support them in the learning, experience and safety.

How will my child's progress be monitored and evaluated during their Industry Placement?

SB: Targets will be set by the learner and the tutor, but also with the mentor and our placement team as required, to ensure progression is measured and at a level that suits their abilities and assessment schedule.

PK: As a business, we have created a learning plan that will support the students during their placement with us.

The learning plan not only assists the mentor in ensuring that the student gets the most out of their experience, but it further ensures that the business covers all the relevant subjects covered on the student’s course.

Are there opportunities for my child to continue working with the company after completing their Industry Placement?

SB: Absolutely and for many this is why they have chosen the T Level route. The programme gives you time and the employer time to find out what options would best fit you into the company as your skills and work behaviours develop. It also gives learners the time to work out if the company is the right fit for them, once they have completed their course.

PK: The placement not only benefits the student during their experience with us, but it further allows the business to assess and find the ideal candidate who wishes to pursue a career in our industry. It allows us to “try before we buy” and we will offer an apprenticeship at the completion of their course.

Not only does this benefit the business, but it also allows the student to sample our business and decide if this is a career path they wish to pursue.

What safety measures are in place to ensure my child's wellbeing during their Industry Placement?

SB: Each placement is required to work with the Placement Officer providing insurance and safety measures. The placement will provide learners with an induction to the environment and their placement officer will be the main contact if something is not correct.

PK: The safeguarding of all our staff and especially your child is paramount to us. As a business we have a rigorous Safety Management System to ensure that the students and staff are kept safe. Every staff member and student have a safety induction on their first day in the business. Further safety briefings and training will be provided during their placement. No student is left unattended, during the working hours.

Will my child have the opportunity to work on real projects or tasks relevant to their T Level course during their Industry Placement?

SB: Yes, most placements work on projects that are happening in the workplace now, so it gives the learner a true reflection on what the expectations are if they were to join them as a team after completing the T level.

PK: Initially in the first few days, the business will supply training units for the candidates to train on. After a few sessions with the mentor, if they deem the candidates competent enough, they will allow the candidates to work on live projects.

Will my child have a designated mentor or point of contact at the company during their Industry Placement?

SB: Yes, a designated Placement Officer and a Personal Tutor who they will see very regularly.

PK: Every student is assigned a mentor that will oversee their work placement. They will also provide feedback to the students and college on their progress. This will identify their strengths and weaknesses that will help the student to develop.

How does the Industry Placement align with the specific pathway or specialisation my child is pursuing within their T Level?

SB: For most T Level routes, you can have two placements in the programme. For many this may result in one for the first year linked to core elements of delivery, with a change over the summer period (as you enter into the second year) to a placement more specific to the chosen pathway.

PK: Our business ensures that the lesson plan aligns itself to the specific pathway that the student is on. Sometimes the student may learn additional skills. This is modelled to give the student the maximum experience during their placement.

Can you provide examples of past successful Industry Placements and the impact they've had on students' education and career paths?

SB: We have had a lot of success stories from across our T Level provision. We have seen learners gain scholarships for university, gain their dream degree apprenticeship, and have the doors opened to an exciting career.

A few success stories include:

Lauren studied our Health T Level and found her placement really challenging initially but she was supported throughout her placement, where she impressed so much that on completion she gained a job with that employer.

Maria studied a Digital T Level and completed her placement with Zig Zag Education, where she was working on developing websites. Since completing her T Level, she has gone on to gain a role with Hinkley Point as a Delivery Management System Coordinator.

Ben completed his construction T Level last year, and on the back of his success was offered a degree apprenticeship with the organisation he completed his placement with.

Alex was on our Digital T Level programme where he completed his placement with SenseIT, and he has now progressed on to a Digital Technology Degree Apprenticeship with Airbus.

PK: Rotamec has some staff who started their placements with us, and applied for an apprenticeship after they left school. Once they had completed their studies, they spent 3 years developing their skills and are now managers of their departments.

The business has also been recognised within our industry and the various colleges for the contributions to the skills and training of the students and has won various awards. This was all based on the successful accomplishments and the positive impact the students have had on our business.

As an employer, what is the best thing about Industry Placements from your point of view?

PK: Every student that attends our business, could be the future engineer for our industry. They could also be the next supervisor, foreman, or manager. If the student has the attitude for the job, we will assist the student to develop their skills and development. The students assist with the day to day running of the business and has really had a positive impact.


A big thank you to Sandra and Paul for their contribution.

If you would like to find out more about T Levels, then please click here.

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