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10 Reasons Why Becoming an Accountant is a Great Career Aspiration


We really feel accountancy is a great career path for a huge range of people, but many won’t give it the time of day!

Read our top ten reasons why being an accountant could be the perfect aspiration for you:

1. A Job That Is In-Demand: Accountants are a highly in-demand job, so you could walk straight into a job after gaining the relevant qualifications. As technology revolutionises, more jobs will be created than destroyed.

2. Job Security: There will therefore be job security in the field, meaning you won’t have to worry about losing and finding a new job. This could be because…

3. Everyone Needs An Accountant! There is a huge variety of sectors and industries you can work in as an accountant, including entertainment, business, STEM, and many other fields

4. Be Your Own Boss: Alternatively, you could decide to set up your own accountancy business, and be your own boss, spend the days doing what you love, off your own accord.

5. Love To Travel? Accountancy even includes the chance to travel! The opportunities will be endless when you’re fully qualified!

6. Accountancy Is Great For Any Age! From starting training at 16-18, or gaining your qualifications as an adult, we offer the course for you! 16-18s will benefit hugely from the Accountancy T Level, with industry placements throughout, and meeting employers and providers to help prepare you for the world of work. Alternatively, 16-18s could choose to learn in the workplace on an Apprenticeship, giving the opportunity to earn a wage while learning.

Adult courses are a great option for over 19s, with a choice of 6 courses in accounting so you can choose the perfect level for you, all including the opportunity to gain valuable workplace skills.

7. Varied Responsibilities: Accountants have many different responsibilities, not just crunching numbers, so your days will be varied and you can guarantee you won’t get bored on the job! Roles may involve dealing with important financial reports, create solutions to financial issues, help organisations run smoothly, and how to effectively manage their money.

8. Development Of Skills: You will also acquire and develop great personal skills that can be transferred to other contexts outside the workplace, and can be carried with you for life – these can include good communication, solid advisory and guidance skills.

9. Financial Benefits: Alongside great skills for both in and out the workplace, accountancy also has huge financial benefits. According to the 2019 Accounting and Finance Salary Guide compiled by Robert Half, accountants with one to three years of experience can earn between $51,500 (£43,516) and $96,500 (£81,541) annually. Those with five or more years of experience can earn as much as $129,250 (£109,214) per year.

10. Make A Real Difference: Accountants are huge assets to businesses and are extremely helpful when monitoring important aspects of businesses, including cash flow and taxes. Your work will be highly valued, and you’ll be a crucial member of the team.


Check out our different accountancy courses (T Levels and Adult Courses) if this is the perfect role for you!

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