BLOG: Engineering Positive Partnerships

If you’ve visited our South West Skills Campus over the last few months, you may have seen the display engine, which now proudly sits in our reception, and wondered why it is there?

Well, it is all down to the hard work of our apprentices at GKN. 

GKN Aerospace is one of the world’s leading aircraft and aero-engine manufacturers. With each campus committed to reaching Net Zero by 2030, Weston College partners with high standard organisations that help to create brighter and greener futures. Read more about GKN's initiatives surrounding sustainability and their environmental protection practices hereGKN Engine, Engineering Learners, South West Skills Campus

Earlier this year, five of our Year 2 Aerospace Engineering Degree apprentices, Taylor, Jansen, Ethan, Harry and Chloe, decided to organise, manage and install the engine, as part of their Project Management module (work-based learning).

This is one of four modules they need to complete, on the second year of their degree apprenticeship. The module helps learners to develop new skills, as well as strengthening ones that they learnt in their first year.

The engine itself was donated by GKN, who we work very closely with to create exciting opportunities for our learners.

The learners showcased their communication and collaboration, as well as demonstrating their application of the knowledge, skills and behaviours in order to get this project running – one which was completed to industry standard!

Every day I walk past the engine with immense pride, not just at the achievements of these learners, but also of the power of partnerships. I think about the skills and knowledge that these incredible young people possess, thanks to their hard work and dedication, as well as the opportunities presented to them, through the college.

We’re excited to be launching T Levels in Engineering next September too, which will give us further opportunity to work closely with employers and watch learners develop into skilled professionals. The T Level will support learners who are taking their first steps in engineering, and will prepare them both academically and practically through their 45-day placements, in industry.

If you’re an employer reading this, then I highly recommend getting in touch with the industry placement team at Weston College. Not only will this give you an opportunity to meet the learner and find out whether or not they will be a fit for your organisation, but they also possess skills which can fill skills gaps and support your business.

Andreas Papadopoulos, HE Curriculum Co-ordinator Engineering

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