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Glastonbury Creator, Michael Eavis, opens College’s Creative Arts Festival 


Students, staff and visitors attending the Weston College and University Centre Weston (UCW) Creative Arts Summer Show experienced the surprise of their lives when a special VIP guest, festival legend Michael Eavis arrived on the Friday evening to open the musical performances section of the event.

Owner of the famous Worthy Farm, Michael Eavis created the world-renown Glastonbury Festival in 1970, which is now attended by 200,000 people from all around of the world each year. As well as underground artists of every genre, the festival is well known for its high-profile headliners over the years which have included the likes of Oasis, Coldplay and Beyonce, to name a few.

Despite Glastonbury not running for a second year in a row, Michael was in high spirits as he visited the College’s Loxton Campus in Weston-super-Mare to open the unique socially distanced musical performances on the Friday evening.

The Creative Arts Summer Show is the College’s annual festival which celebrates creative talents by showcasing the learner’s exceptional work. Music and Performing Arts learners took to the stage with live music and theatre performances in a festival tent as well as an indoor exhibition which hosted the impressive artwork and final projects from learners of all levels. This featured work from those studying extended diplomas and degree courses in Art and Design, Media Production, Graphic Design, Game and Animation, Fashion and Photography.

Upon arrival, Michael was given a tour of the incredible exhibition, taking in all of the phenomenal art that the artists of Weston College and UCW - had worked so hard to produce this year. Michael was then treated to a joint performance from music students Charlie Kelly and Daisy Dennett who significantly impressed the famous festival organiser with their perfect harmonies. The crowd applauded in raptures as Michael Eavis then took to the stage in the festival tent, donned “Westonbury”, in his honour to open the evening of music in front of a socially distanced crowd of proud parents and visitors who came along to witness the event.

Michael commented: “I think it’s been absolutely amazing, the artwork has been absolutely amazing, it’s quite exceptional. The students are really talented. “Sometimes when you walk into a place, there’s a really good feel about it, and this place feels really good.”

Students and staff alike were inspired to see someone of such experience within the creative arts industry watching their performances and praising their talents and hard work that they had put into the show. For those progressing on to higher education or into careers this year, this was an extremely heart-warming way to finish their time at Weston College or University Centre Weston.

Chair of the Corporation for the Weston College Group, Andrew Leighton-Price, attended the Show alongside Michael Eavis. He said: “The Summer Show was absolutely amazing. There were so many innovative works of art, with so many mediums used, from paint and sculpting to digital, film and gaming. “It’s clear that there is a huge wealth of talent and passion that goes into creative subjects and the benefit that has on the community should never be underestimated.

The College’s Principal Dr Paul Phillips CBE added: “We really are a Career Centre for Excellence now for students in creative arts e.g. media/film, art and design; musical theatre/performance/dance & production; graphics, photography and games animation – even to degree level and I’d like to congratulate everyone that contributed to this impressive showcase. More importantly, I would like to pass on a huge thank you to Michael Eavis and his team for taking the time to visit Loxton Campus and help to open the show and inspire our learners – who were absolutely thrilled to see the legend that is Michael Eavis appear before their very eyes.”

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