Whether you choose a music production or performance course, you’ll get to hone your talents and practise your skills in one of our three recording studios. You don’t need to be an experienced musician – we offer courses from Level 1, right up to degree level.

Revenue generated by the UK’s live music is growing. It’s estimated to contribute £4bn a year to the economy with jobs increasing 19% each year. Music is an exciting and varied subject that lets you explore your passion and creativity. There are more jobs available in the music industry than you might think, and a qualification in music could lead to a variety of well-paid careers including music performance, music production and teaching.

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Level 2

Music Performance and Production, UAL Diploma

1 Year
Sep 2024
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This exciting course has been developed to provide you with an understanding of music performance and production as a collaborative process. You will learn about the music industry, performing and recording, using professional music software, composition, studio skills and music production. You will have access to professional-grade digital an...

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Level 3

Live Events & Technical Sound, Apprenticeship

33 Months
Aug 2024
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Embark on an exciting journey in the world of live events with our Live Event Technician Apprenticeship. This 30-month apprenticeship programme offers a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience and develop essential skills in the fast-paced and dynamic field of live event production. As a live event technician apprentice, you will have t...

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Level 3

Live Events & Technical Sound, Apprenticeship

33 Months
Aug 2024
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Embark on an exciting journey in the world of live events with our Live Event Technician Apprenticeship. This 30-month apprenticeship programme offers a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience and develop essential skills in the fast-paced and dynamic field of live event production. As a live event technician apprentice, you will have t...

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Level 3

Music Performance and Production, UAL Diploma / Extended Diploma

2 Years
Sep 2024
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This exciting course has been developed to provide you with in-depth knowledge of the topics required for a successful career in the music industry. You will learn about the music industry, performing and recording, using professional music software, composition, critique, and music production. You will develop practical skills through hands-o...

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We've bundled the best education in the area with career boosted benefits - and are leveraging our contacts as one of the largest Colleges in the country to give you the best possible chance of success.

As a musician, your industry career path is only limited by your ambitions.

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Music Performance & Production

The facilities and experiences are amazing – there are two professional-grade studios at the College, and so many opportunities to practice and perform at live events. I have gained many great industry contacts through the course which has helped me learn about the business and develop a professional mindset.

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Alex Lipinski performing live at Weston College

<p>Weston College has always been a breeding ground for creative talent, and it's about to witness a remarkable reunion as former student and accomplished singer-songwriter, Alex Lipinski, returns to record a brand new album.</p>

<p>On October 12th, alongside his band, the Crown Electric, Alex will step back into the familiar surroundings of Weston College to embark on a musical journey that not only captures his own evolution but also offers aspiring students a chance to learn and create alongside him. This album, considered a retrospective of his songwriting journey, symbolises a union between past and present, mentorship, and creative growth.</p>

<p>Alex's musical journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Having honed his skills at Weston College, he has gone on to release popular albums such as Lonesome Train and For Everything Under the Sun, establishing himself as a gifted songwriter and performer.</p>

<p>His decision to return to the place where it all began reflects his deep connection to the college and his desire to give back to the institution that played a pivotal role in his artistic development.</p>

<p>One thing that sets this album recording apart is the active involvement of Weston College students.</p>

<p>From production to filming, students will have the opportunity to work alongside external professionals and their experienced tutors, on a live album recording. This hands-on experience is invaluable for aspiring music industry professionals, providing them with real-world exposure and the chance to learn from the best in the business – a key part of Weston College’s Career Excellence Hub.</p>

<p>Alex Lipinski, said: “I wanted to curate a ‘document’ of the songwriting journey, from my first collection of songs, ‘Lonesome Train’ recorded in Weston, through ‘Alex’ which we did in Berlin - to the recent ‘For Everything Under the Sun’ which was crafted in London’.</p>

<p>“I wanted to give something back; so, we’re bringing the band, a professional sound engineer, and top-flight videographer to work collaboratively with students at the college, in a real, and incredibly important piece of work.</p>

<p>“I’ve seen the enthusiasm, and high standards to which this next generation of technicians work, and couldn’t be more confident of a successful outcome.</p>

<p>“The finished live album, and concurrent performance video will be available around Christmas 2023 through as a limited edition, signed, numbered CD. We will limit the run to 250, and this will sit alongside my existing body of work, as the first look at my entire career, across one album.”</p>

<p>This guest artist forms part of the Music <a href="">Careers Excellence Hub</a>. The College has fourteen sector-specific Career Excellence Hubs, which evidence our dedication to supporting both employers and learners in achieving their future goals. By creating a seamless connection between industry and education, we enable learners to acquire not only the essential skills and knowledge but also the professional networks necessary to excel in their chosen fields.</p>

<p>The recording session on October 12th will be a memorable event. Music students and the up-and-coming band, the Like Minded, will open the evening, setting the stage for Alex Lipinski and the Crown Electric to take centre stage.</p>

<p>This promises to be a night filled with music, creativity, and inspiration, where the past and future of music come together in perfect harmony.</p>

<p><a href="… can find out more about our Music courses, by clicking here.</a></p>

Like-Minded Perform at Summer Fest

<p data-pm-slice="1 1 []">Get ready for an unforgettable night of music and excitement as Weston College's very own student band, 'The Like-Minded,' takes the stage at <u><a href="">Summer Fest</a></u> on the Grand Pier. On Friday 30th June, this talented group of musicians will be showcasing their skills and entertaining a crowd of approximately two thousand paying customers. With a lineup featuring renowned local performers, this spectacular show promises to be the highlight of the summer.&nbsp;</p>

<p data-pm-slice="1 1 []">The Like-Minded's journey to the Summer Fest stage began with a fierce competition. Alongside their fellow Weston College learners, they faced the challenge of performing two live tracks before a panel of respected local judges. These judges meticulously reviewed their performance, providing valuable feedback and ultimately awarding them the coveted supporting spot at the festival.&nbsp;</p>

<p>The Like-Minded is a band that embodies the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and raw talent. The band is comprised of passionate and dedicated students, Harlee, Mikey, Ewan and Toby, from Weston College's <u><a href="… 3 Music Performance and Production</a></u> programme.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Their selection to pen Summer Fest on the Grand Pier is a testament to the incredible talent and hard work of The Like-Minded. This opportunity allows them to showcase their original songs alongside a selection of well-known local performers. Their infectious energy and captivating stage presence are sure to leave a lasting impression on the audience, creating an electrifying atmosphere that will have everyone on their feet.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Not only is this performance a celebration of The Like-Minded's success, but it also highlights the dedication and commitment of Weston College in nurturing emerging talent. The college's music programme provides students with the tools and opportunities to explore their passion for music and develop their artistic abilities. Through guidance from experienced instructors, state-of-the-art facilities, and collaborations with industry professionals, students like The Like-Minded have the platform to thrive and pursue their musical aspirations.&nbsp;</p>

<p>So, mark your calendars and join us at Summer Fest on the Grand Pier to witness the rising stars of The Like-Minded as they rock the stage with their brilliant music. Let's support these talented musicians and celebrate the vibrant music scene that flourishes within our local community.&nbsp;</p>

<p>To find out more about our Music courses, <u><a href="… here</a></u>.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>


<p lang="EN-GB" paraeid="{b08fd696-7373-45d9-9495-eea16767ac19}{92}" paraid="319147216" xml:lang="EN-GB">Local attractions have teamed up with respected local music producers and artists to bring a night of entertainment and competition to our seaside town&nbsp;this June. &nbsp;</p>

<p lang="EN-GB" paraeid="{4d5513ac-8cf5-4cdf-86d3-bc9f1c56e88f}{35}" paraid="147456716" xml:lang="EN-GB">Summerfest, a one-night event curated by the Lipinski Brothers in collaboration with the Pier, is set to take place in&nbsp;Weston-super-Mare on Saturday June 30th.&nbsp;</p>

<p lang="EN-GB" paraeid="{1a60fcbc-6c3c-4dc8-b7e0-e6f97fc9c7ff}{34}" paraid="1396955009" xml:lang="EN-GB">The spectacular show is expected to draw a crowd of two thousand paying customers, and will feature a selection of well-known local performers, including Senna Weeks. Senna, a former FE learner, has performed alongside many high-end professional Blues artists such as Walter Trout and Joe Bonamassa. &nbsp;</p>

<p lang="EN-GB" paraeid="{0e23037e-d485-4bd1-8877-052fc8d78fd0}{96}" paraid="1744643063" xml:lang="EN-GB">As well as the live acts, Summerfest will also include a competition open to Weston College learners. Participating acts must perform two live tracks to a respected panel of local guests, who will review the performance and critique it. &nbsp;</p>

<p lang="EN-GB" paraeid="{0e23037e-d485-4bd1-8877-052fc8d78fd0}{120}" paraid="2004163860" xml:lang="EN-GB">The successful act will be awarded the opening slot at the prestigious event, as well as a cash prize. Organising the competition, alongside the Lipinski Brothers, is Weston College’s Music Instructor and Technician, Oz. &nbsp;</p>

<p lang="EN-GB" paraeid="{72b26892-1ba7-4e32-bb80-e0cfbcfe9b80}{169}" paraid="844507997" xml:lang="EN-GB">Oz told us “This is a great opportunity for our Music learners. The Music Industry is notoriously tough to break into, so having the chance to audition in front of the panel is an invaluable experience. As well as the technical and performance skills, learners will also develop their resilience and determination – crucial transferrable life skills, which will support them in future ventures.” &nbsp;</p>

<p lang="EN-GB" paraeid="{72b26892-1ba7-4e32-bb80-e0cfbcfe9b80}{237}" paraid="1763059597" xml:lang="EN-GB">Summerfest promises to be a highlight event of Weston-super-Mare’s summer season. Lipinski will be headlining centre stage this year at the Grand Pier, supported by a host of wonderfully talented musicians throughout a fun-filled evening of entertainment. With the opportunity for local learners to also take part in the festivities, this truly is an event not to be missed. &nbsp;</p>

<p lang="EN-GB" paraeid="{0ddcf363-fc82-4dba-ba18-196d3c69d5b7}{105}" paraid="1582794661" xml:lang="EN-GB">Tickets are on sale <a href="; rel="noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">here</a> now, so be sure to get yours soon and guarantee yourself a place at this exciting event.&nbsp;</p>

<p lang="EN-GB" paraeid="{1a60fcbc-6c3c-4dc8-b7e0-e6f97fc9c7ff}{85}" paraid="1725762862" xml:lang="EN-GB">To find out more about Music at Weston College, click <a href="…; rel="noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>

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