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Hair and Makeup Students Get Spooky at Puxton Park!


In the Hair, Makeup and Prosthetics for Production (HMPP) three-year degree programme at UCW, there is a module which requires the learners to work to an industry brief. This year, Puxton Park delivered the brief for the learners, for an event they held, called “Phobia”; a Halloween event that took place from 22nd – 29th October, consisting of five haunted attractions including a Haunted Tractor Ride, Doll House and the ‘Dark Wood’. The learners were required to design and apply makeup to a very high quality for this event, for up to 40 actors a night!

In total, 30 students across both HE & FE took part; the third year HMPP learners were in charge of running the event, and the first and second year HMPP learners also took part as assistants. The Level 2 Hair and media makeup learners were also involved as further assistance on certain makeup zones. Every learner was there every night, from 4:30 – 10:30pm, to ensure every actor was ready for their performance. It was important that they planned and practiced every aspect before the event started, as they had to make sure they could carry out the same quality in a fast-paced environment, under time pressure!

As well as designing and applying the makeup on the nights, the 3rd year learners were also tasked with ordering the products and costumes, and keeping within a budget, as well as holding workshops for the Level 2 students to demonstrate the desired looks, and build their confidence in their abilities.

The feedback from everyone involved has been overwhelmingly positive – the learners absolutely loved the opportunity to work in a professional event, working with other students across multiple courses, and being given a true insight into the industry. Puxton Park have also commented on the creative talent of the learners, and praised them for their professionalism. The general public, who attended the event, have said it was “a fantastic, immersive experience, but very scary!”

Tara O’Hare, an HMPP lecturer, has commented “I would like to personally thank my third year HMPP students, with special thanks in particular to Holly and Beth, who acted as project managers on the event, liaised with the other groups who were helping out, and worked professionally and fully committed themselves to the project throughout.

Both the HE and FE makeup students worked with enthusiasm and confidence throughout They will be an absolute asset in the makeup industry, and without them, this project would not have been as successful. We can’t wait to be back next year!”

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