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Leah Lands Nursing Associate Role at John Radcliffe Hospital


Fantastic news in Health and Social Care as Level 3 learner, Leah, finishes off her second-year studies and heads straight into full-time employment as a Paediatrics Nursing Associate with the prestigious John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.  

Leah has had immense success throughout her time at college, previously taking part in Lateral Flow and Vaccination training, selected by tutors in recognition of her hard work and dedication to her studies. This led to further opportunities, with Leah working as a qualified vaccinator administering Covid vaccines to patients throughout the pandemic.  


To celebrate Leah’s success and the beginning of her career in the Healthcare industry, we asked her some questions: 

What made you want to go into Paediatrics? 

I’ve always preferred working with children. I used to think I might like to go into teaching, but I've always been more interested in the health side of things. 

Was there anything about the course you have studied that helped you along your way to making that decision? 

Yes definitely. Studying Health and Social Care helped me learn about the different jobs and opportunities in nursing. Working with case studies within my assignments really interested me because it gave me insight into real life situations that happen when working with patients. 

What about your course has helped you prepare for this job? 

My placements really helped. I have been doing Covid vaccinations, which has really inspired and motivated me to feel confident talking to new people and deal with difficult situations. Through the course, I have also had the opportunity to work in several care homes and I’ve realised that’s not really what I want to do. So, the course has really helped me work out what I enjoy and what I want to pursue, and also show me what I what I don’t really want to do in the future. 

What would you say is the best thing about studying here? 

The staff definitely push you, which at first seemed stressful, but now that I’m finishing and looking back I realise that it actually really helped me and allowed me to learn and grow a lot – they just push you to do your best. There’s also always lots of opportunities, becoming a vaccinator was an opportunity that came up through college, my lecturers recognised my hard work and put me forward for the training. It was really nice to be selected. 

What would you say to somebody who’s thinking of studying Health and Social Care? 

I would say go for it! I wasn’t sure what to choose at first, but it’s a great course to pick because there are so many options afterwards, whether you go down the Health side or the Social Care side. It gives you an overview and experience of both so you get it helps you to choose. 


The Health and Social Care team are exceptionally proud of Leah and her incredible achievements.  

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