Lewis Wins Apprentice Of The Year

Last month, the South West Apprenticeship Awards, hosted at Ashton Gate Stadium, honoured outstanding apprentices from various industries and businesses across the South West. Among the remarkable apprentices who were acknowledged for their dedication and achievements was Lewis, a Software Engineering Degree Apprentice from MBDA Systems UK.

Lewis is currently completing a Digital and Technology Solutions apprenticeship with a specialization in software. He was ecstatic about the recognition and expressed delight at being selected for such a prestigious award.

When asked about his decision to pursue an apprenticeship, Lewis explained, "A degree apprenticeship is a fast track to becoming industry-ready by the time you finish your degree. Considering my experience these last 3 years, I would say with certainty I made the right choice."

This remarkable individual was self-nominated for the award, with encouragement from their team lead and a glowing reference provided by colleagues who believed he was well-suited for the recognition. The nomination was attributed to his outstanding work, both inside and outside the company.

One of the key factors contributing to the nomination was his involvement in several different roles outside their day-to-day responsibilities. Lewis actively participated in induction and outreach events, becoming an apprentice ambassador at the University Centre Weston (UCW), his education provider for the apprenticeship. His dedication to representing and inspiring others in the field made him an excellent role model for future apprentices in the industry.

The South West Apprenticeship Awards ceremony took place on 6th July 2023, and the event was filled with excitement, offering numerous photo opportunities, a reception with drinks, and a delicious meal. The awards were hosted by Commonwealth and World champion athlete, Iwan Thomas MBE.

Accompanied by colleagues from various disciplines, mainly software, as well as a fellow apprentice, the winner felt overwhelmed by the support they received throughout the evening. When asked about future aspirations, Lewis said, "I’m looking to attend next year but I’m hoping to encourage and inspire others in my cohort at college as well as my fellow apprentices from the same provider to go for it."

Regarding his plans after completing the apprenticeship, Lewis expressed a keen interest in staying in the realm of embedded software engineering. He also expressed a desire to delve deeper into software security and pursue a master's degree in the future.

Acknowledging the support he received from Weston College and MBDA Systems UK, Lewis expressed gratitude to his lecturers for providing relevant soft skills that can be applied to their job and fellow apprentices for being supportive throughout the journey.

Winning the Apprentice of the Year award in the Technology, Digital & Creative Sector came as a pleasant surprise to Lewis. He stated, "I was quite shocked. There were other excellent candidates all proven to be beyond capable in their fields. It was very validating for all the hard work and effort I have gone through to prove that I am a model apprentice."

The placement provider expressed immense pride in their apprentice's achievement. Colleagues and mentors showed unwavering support and belief in their capabilities throughout the ceremony.

The South West Apprenticeship Awards not only highlighted the remarkable achievements of this outstanding individual but also recognized the value of apprenticeships in preparing the future workforce for industry success. As the technology and digital sector continue to evolve, these apprenticeships play a crucial role in developing skilled and talented professionals who are ready to make significant contributions to their chosen fields.

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