Transforming Mark's Career with the NHS SWAP Course

The Sector-based Work Academy Programme (SWAP) at NHS Somerset course, a lifeline for many seeking to revamp their professional lives, has been nothing short of a revelation for adult learner Mark. Mark Catton smiling

Mark's journey with the NHS SWAP course began when he was at the job centre. He stumbled upon a brochure about the program that piqued his interest. Mark recalls, "I was in the job centre and saw the NHS Swap scheme; I spoke to Sarah, and she made me feel at ease and that the NHS would not discriminate against me due to either my age or disability. Sarah convinced me it would be a great opportunity." 

The reassurance provided at the job centre played a pivotal role in Mark's decision to apply for the course. It highlights the inclusive nature of the NHS SWAP course, welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds and circumstances. 

Before embarking on this transformative journey, Mark was unemployed and had encountered discrimination in his previous job. The desire for a fresh start, a chance to rebuild his career, and escape discrimination became the driving force behind his decision to participate in the program. 

Mark's experience with the NHS SWAP course has been nothing short of amazing. He credits this success to the support and guidance he received throughout the program. He speaks highly of Niki and Caroline, who were instrumental in his learning experience. "Niki and Caroline were really helpful and supportive, and the content and timings were perfect," Mark says, reflecting the dedication and adaptability of the course coordinators. 

One of the primary goals of the NHS SWAP course is to equip learners with practical skills for their careers. Mark attests to the course's effectiveness in this regard, saying, "So many skills to list, however, I have used various skills in everyday life, and I have no doubt that with my new job, I will be able to utilize many more." The course serves as a springboard for developing new skills and honing existing ones.

When asked about the highlights of the NHS SWAP course, Mark finds it challenging to pinpoint just one. He enthusiastically praises the entire experience, emphasizing the engaging teaching methods, the support he received, and the interactive components like role-play and video presentations. 

Though the course was online, Mark did have his last day in person in Bridgwater which he thoroughly enjoyed. He also had high praise for the teaching and delivery of the course, noting that it was nothing short of superb. 

Mark's participation in the NHS SWAP course has already had a profound impact on his career aspirations. The program has boosted his confidence and motivation to secure a job. Excitingly, Mark reveals, "I'm delighted to say I have now received an offer from Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust." His story is a testament to the life-changing potential of this initiative. 

Mark enthusiastically recommends the NHS SWAP course. He emphasizes the world-class support provided throughout the program, stating, "There is nothing to lose but so very much to gain." Mark's journey, filled with renewed confidence and opportunities, stands as a beacon for those who have been out of work for a long time and need the support and encouragement to succeed. He encourages anyone considering the program to take the leap, as it offers much more than a chance to return to the workforce. 

Mark's story, filled with hope and newfound enthusiasm, is a testament to the remarkable potential of the NHS SWAP course. As Mark sums up, "I only wish I had known about the course earlier, I am so very happy and cannot thank everyone enough for all that this course has done for me." His experience underscores that the NHS SWAP course is a valuable resource for anyone seeking a career change or looking to re-enter the job market, proving that it is indeed the very best available for individuals in his position. 

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