What apprenticeship are you currently completing, and with which company?

Digital and Technology Solutions – Software Specialisation and my provider is MBDA systems UK and my role is Software Engineering Degree Apprentice.

Why did you decide to complete an apprenticeship?

A degree apprenticeship is a fast track to becoming industry ready by the time you finish your degree. Considering my experience these last 3 years I would say with certainty I made the right choice.

Who nominated you for the South-West Apprenticeship Awards? Did you know you were being nominated? How did you find out you'd been nominated?

It was a self-nomination with encouragement from my team lead. They also provided me with a lovely reference on how I was suitable for such an award.

Was there any particular work/projects you'd been working on that you think contributed to your nomination that you can share?

I got involved in several different roles outside my day-to-day role inside and outside the company such as induction and outreach events and volunteering as an apprentice ambassador in UCW.

What was the event like? Who accompanied you to the awards?

The event was held at Ashton gate in Bristol and had various photo opportunities with drinks at the reception and a meal through the evening. My category was towards the end of the night. It was hosted by Commonwealth and World champion athlete, Iwan Thomas MBE.

I was accompanied by several different colleagues of various disciplines, mainly software as well as a fellow apprentice.

Are you hoping to attend/win again next year?

I’m looking to attend next year but I’m hoping to encourage and inspire others in my cohort at college as well as my fellow apprentices from the same provider to go for it. Several of them are excellent role models in their areas and should be a good influence on future apprentices in the industry.

What are your plans for after you finish the apprenticeship?

I think I would like to stay in the realm of embedded software engineering. I like knowing why we do stuff a certain way and in that area I know I’ll get the answers I seek. I will be looking at delving more into software security and hope to pursue a masters in the years to follow.

What has the support been like from Weston College and your placement provider since starting your apprenticeship?

I know the support is there for me at Weston however I mostly lean on those from my placement provider as I am in Weston 1 day a week as opposed to the rest at work. Throughout the scheme I have had great support in and out of lectures from my lecturers. No matter how silly a question it may seem. The amount of opportunities my provider has offered has made me more capable than I would have ever been if I just did a full-time degree and I’m very thankful to them.

What was your reaction to winning Apprentice of the Year (Technology, Digital & Creative Sector)?

I was quite shocked. There were other excellent candidates all proven to be beyond capable in their fields. It was very validating for all the hard work and effort I have gone through to prove that I am a model apprentice.

What was the reaction from your placement providers?

They were very proud to see me win. All my colleagues throughout the evening were very supportive and believed in me all the way through.

Is there anything else you wish to add?

Thank you to my lecturers at Weston college for providing me with the relevant soft skills that I can apply to my job as well as my fellow apprentices. If you are interested in going for an apprenticeship you must be prepared to take on challenges however the rewards are worth it.

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