Students in Care

If you are a Child Looked After (CLA), someone who is now classed as Leaving Care (LC) or a Previously Looked After & now Adopted (PLAC) learner, we will support you to join the college & succeed while you are here.

Once you have been identified as one of the above the Welfare team will;

  • Attend your last School PEP to support a Transition to College (Where appropriate)
  • Contact your Social Worker & The Virtual School to link up with them.
  • Meet with you as you start college, to introduce ourselves & any other key staff you may need while with us.
  • Liaise on your behalf with Teaching Staff, to share any necessary information, so you don’t have to tell your story repeatedly.
  • Organise & Host your PEP (Personal Education Plan) meetings, meeting with you beforehand to make sure your views are recorded.
  • Ensure that you have the appropriate financial support while at college (Bus Pass & Bursary)
  • Check in with you regularly & offer guidance and support where needed
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What Support can I receive?

Support with your Transition to College

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the though of leaving School & coming to College, we can offer support for this. Please see our School to College Transition Support page, for further information

Access to Welfare for non-judgemental, confidential support

The Welfare and Pastoral Support Services team are part of Wellbeing@Weston, which includes Welfare and Retention Officers and Counsellors who can provide confidential, non-judgmental support and guidance regarding a wide range of issues. Further information can be found here.

Support for your learning

Through our Learning Support Team (Including Specialist Mental Health & Exam Access Arrangements) and our LibaryPLus academic support

Financial Help

If you are a CLA or LC learner you will qualify for the bursary, but you will need to have your weekly attendance at 85% or above to receive this. You will be provided with a bus pass as part of your bursary. If you are in a Foster Placement you will not be eligible for Free School Meals, however, your weekly bursary payments will cover this. All we need to put this in place is confirmation of your status from your Social Worker.


Through our dedicated Careers team, you will have access to 1:1 Careers Advice & support. They can chat with you about anything to do with careers - whether you would like to explore different options, improve your CV or apply for jobs/university/apprenticeships. Once you enrol with us, all the above can be accessed through the college’s Sharepoint.

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