Industry Placements and Work Experience

As part of your study programme you will undertake some form of work experience or work-related activity – this is depending on which course you study. We will help and support you find an industry placement or work experience placement that compliments your study programme.

We have links with a wide range of employers, from across the region, with lots of opportunities available. Our team is committed to supporting you towards your future career goals, and creating your brighter future.

Experience in the work place allows you to develop the knowledge and skills relevant to your course and future career.

You will gain an understanding of what it is like to work in your chosen industry and enhance your CV to make sure you stand out from the crowd when you leave college.

How will you be supported?


  • Help you to find a suitable placement from our employer network
  • Prepare you for your placement
  • Carry out health and safety visits to ensure the workplace is ready for you
  • Support you on a one-to-one basis with your work placement

Existing students please click here to find resources to support you with your placements.

We want to hear from you, so please get in touch with any questions you may have about work experience or industry placements.

Our email address is workplacementteam@weston.ac.uk

Industry Placements and T levels

As part of your course, learners will be expected to complete a minimum of 315 hours work placement over 45 to 60 days.

The Work Placement Team will support you through the placement, from helping you secure your placement, to analysing the results of placement. This placement must be course relevant and aligned to your career aspirations.

We are also launching the new T Level qualification in September 2020, you can find out about them, here.


Work Experience

  • More than 5 days or 37 hours, usually one week work taster at an external business
  • Students are expected to take on work experience across almost all subjects
  • Level 2 students will be supported through tutorial and personal and social development (PSD) with a personal tutor
  • Level 3 students will be supported and prepared through their Futures Academy sessions and tutorials.

Top tips for work placement success

Be prepared

Make sure you are ready for your placement – try to find out what it involves, what you need to take and what will be expected of you. Remember, the College’s Work Placement Team will help you get answers for these questions and support you throughout the placement.

Be inquisitive

When you’re on your placement, don’t be afraid to ask relevant questions. It shows you’re interested in the company and are keen to learn more.

Here are some FAQs about work placements

Why should I go on a work placement?
How will I find a placement?
How will my placement work?
How are placements managed?
What support will I receive during my placement?
What will my working day look like?
Will my travel be paid for?
What should I wear?

Meet the Team

Simon Bone contact details


Simon Bone
(Work Placement Manager)

Call: 01934 411 519

Email: simon.bone@weston.ac.uk

Amber Clark contact details


Amber Clark
(Work Placement Officer CAD/SPO)

Call: 01934 411 411 ext. 3011

Email: amber.clark@weston.ac.uk

Ray Stewart contact details


Ray Stewart
(Work Placement Officer AEC/BAC)

Call: 01934 411 411 ext. 3003

Email: ray.stewart@weston.ac.uk

Rachael Moger contact details


Rachael Moger
(Work Placement Officer SER)

Call: 01934 411 603

Email: rachael.moger@weston.ac.uk

Sarah Roberts contact details


Sarah Roberts
(Work Placement Officer PAS/IT)

Call: 01934 411 477

Email: sarah.roberts@weston.ac.uk

Sophie Griffiths contact details


Sophie Griffiths
(Work Placement Administrator)

Call: 01934 411 641

Email: sophie.griffiths@weston.ac.uk

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