Glastonbury Festival Creator Unveils Newly Named “Michael Eavis Performance Suite"

The legendary Glastonbury Festival creator Michael Eavis recently visited Weston College where he was honoured with having the Music Department’s performance suite named after him.

Michael started the famous festival in 1970 from his dairy farm in Pilton, Somerset. With a history of huge headliners including David Bowie, Beyonce and Stormzy, the festival now has over 200,000 attendees each year making it one of the biggest festivals in the world. 

After visiting the popular Creative Arts Summer Show in July 2021, Michael was inspired to see the incredible pool of talent in the artwork and performances on display at the College’s art festival. 

To honour Michael and his outstanding contributions to the live music industry, it was decided by Principal and Chief Executive of the Weston College Group, Dr Paul Phillips CBE, to name the College’s main music performance space “The Michael Eavis Performance Suite”. 
This learning facility is at the heart of the Music Department. Here the students host countless live gigs with a full digital mixing desk and professional lighting rig to emulate an industry standard music venue. 

On arrival to Loxton Campus, to unveil the brass plaque for the facility’s new name, Michael Eavis first went on a tour around the campus. Here he admired the fantastic Fashion and amazing Art and Design work that decorates the campus’s vibrant corridors. Visiting various classes along the way, Michael stepped into the Media Department’s TV studio where he became a contestant on a mock live broadcast of Deal or No Deal, hosted by the students. 

The Glastonbury creator then had a look around the College’s state-of-the-art music facilities. Michael sat in on several student performances taking place in the multiple practice spaces and even sat in on a recording session in the College’s professional digital recording studio. 

The College’s Music department sits within the newly formed “Career Excellence Hubs”. These hubs are endorsed by employers and enable students to access outstanding career-boosting opportunities such as performing for Michael Eavis and having guest talks from festival stage managers thanks to industry connections. 

Michael Eavis added: “The sky’s the limit for music performers, it really is. It’s been fantastic here today, I’ve really enjoyed it. Lots of music, incredible fashion and lovely artwork too.” 

After this, Michael visited the newly named suite where lunch was served to a delightful display of music from the Level 3 learners. After a fantastic festive performance from music student Daisy Dennett and her band, the he was presented with a blue glass vase from the Principal to thank Michael for all that he has done and continues to do to raise the aspirations of musicians across the world.

Michael continued: “To have the Music Performance Suite named after me is a great honour for me and a great privilege. Thank-you very much” 

Dr Paul Phillips CBE commented: “Michael is an exemplar to us all. To our Music students and staff in Music Performance and Production, he is their hero, and we are so glad to have Michael here today to thank him for all he has done for the live music sector.

Michael Eavis opening performance suite in weston college music department
Michael Eavis watching recording session in Weston College Music department
Michael Eavis opening performance suite in weston college music department
Music learner Daisy Dennett playing for Michael Eavis in Weston College Performance Suite
Michael Eavis opening performance suite in weston college music department
Music student playing the drums for Michael Eavis

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