How can the Catering Sector put Sustainability on the Menu?

With dining out being an important part of our culture, how can the catering sector join the debate and put sustainability on the menu?

Endorsed by employers, the Hospitality and Catering Careers Excellence Hub encourages collaboration between the college and companies. This ensures that classroom content is relevant and students will be "job ready" when they go into the industry. A growing part of the industry at the moment is sustainability and where we get our food from. We caught up with Sandra Bull, Dean of Faculty for Hair Beauty and Barbering, Hospitality and Catering, Early Years Education and Counselling, to talk all about sustainability in the catering sector...

Food is wasted at each step of the supply chain. It remains unpicked if it is ‘ugly’, it perishes over long distances, it is ‘trimmed’ for aesthetics and it is left on the plate of not-so-hungry customers.

Chefs have the ability to intercept at each of these junctures. They can champion crooked carrots, source local food in season, use peelings for stocks and offer different portion sizes. Additionally, when waste remains, they can donate surplus to food waste charities. So here at Weston College and in the Grove training kitchen and restaurant we are embracing this concept...


Let me introduce our sustainable menu for takeaway next Thursday. All produce is locally produced (meaning less mileage), ingredients are in season now   and we  waste less. The Hospitality learners are learning about plastic waste and the food journey from Farm to fork.


Takeaway  Thursday 27th January . Please call 411422 to book yours ! ?

We hope you enjoy

Fish and chips

Beef and ale pie

Venison burger

Winter veggie pie

Apple and pear crumble

£2.50 main £3.50 main & a dessert £4.00 meal deal drink main & dessert

Please inform us of any food allergies or special dietary requirements upon ordering and we will be happy to advise you.


Do you ever wonder why some supermarket food is just so cheap? You may not pay for it at the cash register, but the cost to your health, the soil, and the environment are there.

Sustainable eating is not easy.

We are finding out more about where our suppliers get the food they deliver. What is its journey, is it in season and can we convince the supplier to cut down on single use plastic?

This time of year, root vegetables and hearty greens are great for adding to curries and stews. Salads, Tomatoes, and fruit in the summer make colourful additions to your plate. Of course, milk and dairy produced are here all year around.

Freezing, dehydrating, and preserving in pickles can help to add favour and use in season stock. But we are going to have a go at Growing our own window boxes this term so we can provide all the herbs for our café and restaurant. Watch this space!

Initiatives like this are Weston College is committed to creating brighter and greener futures

When you don’t know your farmer because you’re buying from a supermarket then look for the words “Fair-Trade” or the RED tractor on your packaging.

This may be the hardest part of changing the way you eat. On the other hand, it forces you to simplify your food in a way that promotes health and flavour. The simple truth is sustainable food does not outsource its preparation.

Without basic cooking knowledge, none of this is possible so look out for our short basic cooking courses to give you confidence in the kitchen. Learning to cook your favourite foods using local ingredients can really make all the difference.

Eating mindfully may take a bit more effort but the rewards, for your family and their future, are too big to pass up.


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