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My Journey to Becoming Head of English!


My name is Steph Howe, and I am the Head of English at Weston College! I first became a member of staff at the college in 2012, starting as a lecturer in English.

Having achieved an English degree in 2012, I had not yet achieved a PGCE or equivalent before applying to work at the college, but knew I wanted to train to be an English teacher and was eager to get started! I found the role via the college website but wasn’t sure I’d get an interview without a teaching qualification. After enquiring with HR, I was encouraged to apply anyway (and it’s a good job I did!).

After a successful interview, I was given the role as an English lecturer and in-turn, the opportunity to undertake my teacher training as part of my timetable. This was excellent for me as I could hone my skillset in post, be guided by experienced lecturers and managers and most importantly, work as part of an established team from day one to develop my practice.

Whilst completing my teacher training and QTLS, I delivered English for a range of qualifications including Functional Skills, GCSE and Access to HE which developed my knowledge and skills and in turn, enhanced my ability to support new and developing teachers within the team.

As my experience grew and my passion for empowering others became stronger, I progressed to the role of “Progress Coach” which enabled me to work closely with faculties cross-college, deliver training and coach lecturers on a 1-1 basis to support their ongoing development. Since then, I have co-ordinated different aspects of English curriculum and acted as a lead internal verifier for the department. As a direct result of the opportunities given to me along the way, I am now in post as Head of English for Weston College and manage GCSE, Functional Skills and ESOL for 16-18 and 19+ provision.

The best part of my journey at Weston College has been upskilling via in-house Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and progression opportunities. I am also incredibly lucky to be part of an inspiring and innovative English team that places learners at the centre of everything we do.

- Steph Howe, Head of English

Weston College offers a paid internship programme, which supports trainee teachers develop practice through a reduced timetable, and dedicated time to shadow experienced teachers and allocate time gaining qualifications like Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training. If you successfully complete the internship, there is the opportunity to progress into a teaching role within their specialist area.

There is the opportunity to undertake this internship in many different topics, meaning you’ll be able to choose which area you’d most like to teach in. follow in Steph’s footsteps and you could end up head of the subject!

If this internship seems like the perfect start for your teaching career, you can apply via this link: WESTON COLLEGE GROUP PAID INTERNSHIP / GRADUATE SCHEME | Weston College

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