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The Hospitality and Catering industry flourishes in the South West region, with a whole host of venues to choose from. If you have a passion for creating great food and delivering high-quality customer service, our courses will feed that passion and provide you with the skills and experience to take you wherever you want to go!

You will train in our modern, stylish, commercial training kitchens and public restaurant, which will give you real-life experience of working in this exciting and fast-paced industry.

Our experienced lecturers will share their wealth of knowledge to develop your skills and support you through your studies and work experience.

Hospitality and catering is a fast-paced and exciting - take your first step with us into your journey towards becoming a chef or a head waiter/waitress at a top restaurant, or even opening your own catering business or restaurant. Through our industry links, no matter which pathway you choose you’ll have access to some great industry experts and guest sessions.

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We've bundled the best education in the area with career boosted benefits - and are leveraging our contacts as one of the largest Colleges in the country to give you the best possible chance of success.

Through our industry links, no matter which pathway you choose you’ll have access to some great industry experts and guest sessions.

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Level 1

Pre-Technical Certificate in Professional Cookery and Barista

1 Year
Sep 2024
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If you have a passion for food and cooking, this certificate is a perfect introduction to the industry. The course equips you with a strong foundation in the skills and techniques you need, along with an understanding of how a professional kitchen works. Through practical training and theoretical knowledge, you will develop the expertise neede...

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Level 2

Commis Chef, Apprenticeship

13 Months
Aug 2024
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This apprenticeship offers you a unique opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals, produce high-quality dishes, and gain hands-on experience in a fast-paced kitchen environment. Commis chefs work in many settings, including restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and cruise ships. Their role is to support the other chefs by preparing, cooking, ...

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Level 2

Professional Chef, Vocational Technical Diploma

1 Year
Sep 2024
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This programme is perfect if you are an aspiring chef, looking to take your culinary abilities to the next level. The course is specifically designed for chefs who are eager to enhance their skills and advance in their career. Through this programme, you'll have the opportunity to refine your techniques, expand your knowledge, and excel in the...

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Level 2

Professional Hospitality Team Member, Apprenticeship

13 Months
Aug 2024
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As a hospitality team member apprentice, you are stepping into an exciting and dynamic industry that revolves around delivering exceptional guest experiences. This apprenticeship provides you with a unique opportunity to become an integral part of a dedicated team, learning the ins and outs of various departments within hotels, resorts, or res...

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Level 3

Professional Cookery, Advanced Technical Diploma

1 Year
Sep 2024
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This Level 3 Professional Cookery programme will further assist you in developing skills that will be carried with you during your career at the top of the catering industry. You will be cooking complex dishes in demanding and fast paced kitchens, to help you perform your best even when under pressure. Teamwork and effective communication skil...

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You can progress onto degrees and higher apprenticeships with UCW...


All of the hospitality and catering courses are based in the Grove, our kitchen and restaurant at the Knightstone Campus, which includes:

  • State-of-the-art training kitchen, giving you a real industry experience
  • Commercial cafe and restaurant, serving hot and cold drinks, breakfast, lunch and three-course dinners to staff, students and the public - ensuring you get real-life front of house experience
  • The opportunity to take part in monthly masterclasses which are opportunities to meet and learn from Michelin star chefs, artisans including bakers, butchers and fishmongers, plus trips to growers where you can learn from some of the South West’s most exciting food producers.

Dan Flannagan

Liberation Group (Butcombe)

"Weston College has a superb set up and our partnership will provide a huge benefit for us as a business to develop future talent....

But also for learners to gain vital experience and develop the skills needed for industry."   

Why study Hospitality and Catering with Weston College?

Across the UK the hospitality sector is growing. The demand for skilled hospitality and catering professionals is high, and a qualification in this subject area could lead you to a successful career in the industry. 

The jobs available are very diverse. You could find yourself working in a commercial kitchen, a restaurant, a hotel, at an event venue, or one of the many thousands of other roles within the sector. 

You'll have clear progression opportunities. The hospitality and catering industry has plenty of progression opportunities. You can start at Level 1 and work your way up, opening up more opportunities and accessing the highest-paid jobs. 

Our courses are different. Through our industry links, no matter which pathway you choose you'll have access to some great industry experts and guest sessions.

Why Become a Chef?

Find out more about training programme nurturing the catering and hospitality professionals of the future.


Meet our team

Sandra Bull

Director of Faculty Service Sectors

Debbie Palmer

Chef Lecturer

Pete Goodship

Curriculum Co-ordinator

Grant Spencer

Chef Lecturer

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Kian at COS Awards
Kian's journey showcases unwavering determination. His banana-infused dishes dazzle peers and tutors, culminating in victory at the WorldSkills Catering competition.

Hospitality and Catering, Level 1

Cooking has always been my passion...I cannot wait to become a chef in my own right, my ambition is to open my own business using the qualifications and experiences I’ve gained from Weston College.

Level 3 Hospitality and Catering


Learner cooking.

<p>Special guests and pupils from the nine schools who are Extend Learning Academies Network (ELAN) trust, gathered for the very first Opening Worlds Curriculum Symposium at Weston College on Tuesday 21st May 2024.</p><p>In 2023 ELAN adopted the Opening Worlds curriculum for humanities: geography, history and religious education written and designed by Steve Mastin and Christine Counsell.</p><p>To open the evening, thanks to our tech team at Weston College and IT whizz Emma Parkins, Opening World’s writer Steve Mastin beamed in live via video call from Kazakhstan to talk directly with the children.</p><p>Following on, children and special guests enjoyed a lovely two-course dinner, catered for by our incredible catering and hospitality learners, providing the learners with an additional opportunity to support their own studies and show off what they can do.</p><p>Over dinner, children entertained their table with amazing stories, facts and knowledge about some of their favourite subjects.</p><p>The second half of the evening saw an interactive and rather competitive quiz pitting schools and their wisdom against each other – no adult input allowed and absolutely not required.</p><p>It was edge-of-the-seat action and very tightly fought with the overall winners Oldmixon Primary School taking the trophy!</p><p>Marie Berry, Headteacher at Bourneville Primary School, said: “What an amazing night! To have witnessed the pure joy in the room was an absolute privilege. Definitely a top ELAN moment.</p><p>“Thank you to everyone who put so much into making it the great success it was. The children were fantastic, and I think we can certainly say quality teaching is paying off.</p><p>“Councillor Gibbons was absolutely blown away by the children’s knowledge and looking around the room I could see similar responses from many of the guests. It’ll be an event I remember always.”</p><p>Matthew, a Year 3 student from Locking Primary School, added: “This is the most special evening of my entire life. I liked the quiz. There were so many questions, and we really did try our best! The dessert was delicious too!”</p><p>The CEO of ELAN, Adam Matthews, said: “The children’s knowledge, enthusiasm, love of learning and desire to discuss the subjects they had studied (and beyond) made a special evening extraordinary. It will go down as one of my standout moments in education.”</p><p>Extend Learning Academies Network is a group of North Somerset primary schools and nurseries situated at Banwell, Bournville, Locking, Oldmixon, Mead Vale, Mendip Green, Milton Park, Walliscote and Windwhistle.</p>

Learners and teachers at service sector end of year celebration

<p>The service sectors faculty recently held their end of year celebration in the Knightstone Bistro at Weston College, to award the achievements of learners’ outstanding performance and dedication throughout the academic year.</p>

<p>The Service Sector Department at Weston College encompasses a diverse range of courses, including <a href="… &amp; Hospitality,</a> <a href="… &amp; Early Years</a>, <a href="… </a>&amp; <a href="…; and <a href="…;. These programs aim to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to thrive in the dynamic and ever-expanding service industry.</p>

<p>Over 160 learners attended the event in support of their peers and the event was hosted by Sandra Bull, Dean of the Faculty, who praised the students for their unwavering commitment and perseverance. She emphasized the importance of their chosen fields and highlighted the immense opportunities awaiting them in the service sector.</p>

<p>Each of the four subject areas presented the ‘Employer of the Year’, ‘Apprentice of the Year’ and ‘Learner of the Year’ award, based on nominations from teachers and peers across the faculty. Reasons for nominations and winners ranged from exemplary academic performance, strong work ethic, leadership skills, and contributions to their courses.</p>

<p>The winners were:</p>

<p><strong>Digital Employer Nomination</strong>- Maple from SenseIT</p>

<p><strong>Digital Apprentice of the year</strong>- Rion</p>

<p><strong>Digital Full-time learner of the year</strong> – Luke</p>

<p><strong>Hair and Beauty Employer Nomination</strong>- Ellie from Aesthetica</p>

<p><strong>Hair and Beauty Apprentice of the year</strong>- Kate</p>

<p><strong>Hair and Beauty Full-time learner of the year</strong> – Kiera</p>

<p><strong>Education and Early Years Employer Nomination</strong>- Ruby from Little Bears</p>

<p><strong>Education and Early Years Apprentice of the year</strong>- Amy</p>

<p><strong>Education and Early Years Full-time learner of the year</strong> – Callie</p>

<p><strong>Hospitality Employer Nomination</strong>- Anthony from The Rising Sun</p>

<p><strong>Hospitality Apprentice of the year</strong>- Owen</p>

<p><strong>Hospitality Full-time learner of the year</strong> – Sophie</p>

<p>Sandra Bull, Dean of the Faculty, commented on the success of the event: “I am so proud of all the learners and their achievements from the past year. It has been an absolute pleasure watching everyone develop their skills in their chosen industry, and I cannot wait to see what they go on to achieve following their time at the college.”</p>

<p>The end-of-year celebration at Weston College's Service Sector Department not only recognized the exceptional achievements of its students but also served as a reminder of the college's commitment to nurturing talent and preparing individuals for success in their chosen fields. The event left everyone inspired and eager to embark on their professional journeys, armed with the knowledge and recognition they had gained during their time at Weston College.</p>

Double Tree by Hilton logo

<p>My name is Jason, and I am the General Manager at the Club and Spa Cadbury House. <a href="">DoubleTree by Hilton Cadbury House</a> is the South West’s finest four-star boutique hotel and spa, and provides event spaces for weddings, private parties, business events, spa breaks or dining experiences. My role at the business is to oversee the day-to-day running of the Health Club and Spa.</p><p>We have worked with Weston College for a number of years, as we can see that the students get the best possible help, support and training from the excellent team of tutors available, and we trust the judgement from them on the students that they recommend to us.</p><p>We have regularly employed students from the college in various departments of the business as well as giving many students the opportunity for work experience. We find work experience is extremely beneficial as it allows the learner to see first-hand how a business operates in their first steps before employment. We have regular communication with the tutors and business team, to make sure the relationship is always strong.</p><p>Working with the college has given students the opportunity to apply for various positions within the Heath Club and Spa. We have recruited many college leavers in the 16 years that I have been in charge, which has really helped us to grow our business. By having regular contact with the Weston College Team and a close working relationship, I know each leaver has been trained to the highest of standards from the excellent tutors and will provide us the experience that our guests expect. Furthermore, this is also beneficial in helping with a career for the individual.</p><p>I would highly recommend the College whatever course someone chooses; we have an amazing relationship and long may it continue!</p>

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