I want to be an Electrician


Electricians fit, service and repair electrical machinery, equipment, circuits and wiring.

SALARIES: range from £18,000 to £42,000 a year dependent on experience.

In this job, you could:

  • Check electrical systems to make sure they’re working safely
  • Build and install control panels that operate electrical systems in buildings
  • Repair electrical motors and transformers in industrial machinery
  • Install street lighting and traffic management systems
  • Fit electrical wiring, sockets and switches to new-build homes
  • Rewire homes and commercial premises during refurbishment

You could work on a construction site, at a client’s business, at a client’s home or on the streets. Your working environment may be cramped and at height.


Below you will see you have a couple of options. You can apply for the vocational qualification (full-time course in the campus workshops) there is no need to pick a Level (Level 1, 2 or 3) as this depends on your grades which will be discussed during enrolment, OR you can apply for an apprenticeship where you will be based in the workplace. Click on the buttons below to find out more ... 

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With experience, you could, move into electrical design engineering, estimating or electrical contracts work, become a site or project manager, Set up your own business, Train apprentices or teach in further education.


Our Construction Career Excellence Hub is endorsed by leading employers, and they are actively involved throughout your whole training programme.

With experience, you could:

  • They will co-design your training programme to provide you with the skills and knowledge needed for industry
  • They will help to create an inspirational learning experience for you
  • Provide the skills training required for wider industry
  • Provide opportunities to you, through industry placements
  • Assist in building your professional identity, through online networking.


Once you’ve completed your course, there are several options for you to further develop your skills and knowledge...

If you completed a Level 1, or Level 2 course, you can continue to progress to the next level course. Click here to go back to our course page, and discover the relevant course route, for you.

We also offer a Construction T Level programme, which is a mixture of college and work-based learning designed to give you the technical skills and workplace experience to kick-start your construction career.

Technical areas of study could include Surveying, design, civil engineering, planning and emerging technologies such as drone surveying and BIM.

An apprenticeship is a fantastic way of entering the construction industry. Not only will you get the opportunity to get your foot in the door with a local or national company, you will also be able to earn while you learn.

Through apprenticeships you will work closely with an experienced tradesperson to develop and practice your skills, all whist receiving the benefits that being a student brings.

We have several degree options on offer at UCW, which will allow you to further develop your knowledge. UCW is rated as Gold in the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework, meaning the teaching, learning and opportunities we provide are of the highest quality in Britain.

There are several degree options available in construction, which could lead you on to a career as an architect, site managers, project managers and surveyors. You can find the full UCW course list, here.


Engineering student in a practical lesson
"Weston College is equipped with everything I need to learn about electrical installation... Whenever I have encountered any issues in my studies, the staff have always helped me and shown me a solution that can be found."

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