How Can You Start Your Career in Early Years?  

Are you drawn to studying Early Years but want to know about your career prospects? Or perhaps you are part-way through your course and are interested in finding out more about your options? 

At Weston College, we offer a variety of exciting and industry-relevant Early Years courses, from our Level 1 pathway in Caring for Children to our Level 3 Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship and T Level in Education and Childcare. We also offer a variety of Adult courses in these areas including our Level 3 Early Years Educator NFCE CACHE Diploma and Level 3 Education and Training.

Read on to find out where your career in Early Years can begin!


Early Years Educators’ play a crucial role within children’s lives, supporting them to begin their education as well as nurturing them in their development of social skills, language and physical coordination. It is the job of an Early Years Educator to create a safe and secure environment where children have space to flourish and evolve, helping them to gain independence and self-assurance. As a specialist in early childhood development, this role is well-respected and incredibly rewarding, meaning you’ll never be short of job satisfaction! 

Potential Duties: 

  • Prepare lessons and activities 

  • Help children learn through play 

  • Communicate with parents/carers about children’s development 

Average Salary: £25K-£36K 


Classroom Teaching Assistant 

A Teaching Assistant's primary duties include supporting the teacher by helping children with daily activities like reading and writing, as well as providing any additional support when necessary. Encouraging children to believe in themselves and gain independence, an Early Years Teaching Assistant plays an integral role within the classroom and is sure to have a lasting impact on a child’s early childhood development. 

Potential Duties: 

  • Assist teachers in preparing lessons and activities 

  • Supervise children in group activities 

  • Support children when they are upset or unwell 

Average Salary: £12K-£23K 


Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistant 

A Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Teaching Assistant provides support to a teacher by helping children with physical, behavioural, or understanding difficulties. This can be in a mainstream or SEND setting and may be working within a whole class or on a 1-1 basis. Although at times challenging, this career can be an incredibly rewarding on! As a SEND Teaching Assistant, you will play an essential role in the progression and development of children with SEND.  

Potential Duties: 

  • Help teacher prepare lessons and activities 

  • Intuitively adapt support according to learner’s needs 

  • Communicate and co-ordinate with other professionals such Physiotherapists and Speech and Language Therapists 

Average Salary: £12K-£23K 



Description: Nannies, sometimes referred to as Au Pairs, provide care for their employer’s babies and children. A Nanny’s work schedule can change enormously from employer to employer. Some may live with a family, taking care of the child(ren) throughout the day, along with running errands and overseeing daily household chores. Alternatively, some nannies will only work certain days or hours. This all depends on the need of the family and the terms of your contract.  

Potential Duties:  

  • Feed, bath and dress children 

  • Pick up/drop off children at nursery/school 

  • Take children on outings  

Average Salary: Variable 


Children’s Holiday Rep 

Description: When it comes to giving children a positive and fun experience on holiday, no one can contend with a Children’s Holiday Rep! Planning engaging and enjoyable activities, providing entertainment and creating a safe a secure environment, Children’s Holiday Reps are integral to providing care and bringing joy to children during their stay. 

Potential Duties: 

  • Organise and supervising exciting activities throughout the day 

  • Be responsible for children’s safety  

  • Record and report any accidents and incidents 

Average Salary: £450-£800 p/m (Plus the added benefit of free accommodation and free/discounted meals 


If any of these career paths sound like the one for you, take a look at our School Leavers (16-19) and Adult courses in Early Years to help you learn, train and begin the career of your dreams! 

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