Skilled construction workers are in demand – particularly in the south west, which is home to a number of new developments such as Hinkley Point C and the houses that are being built in the area. Our outstanding range of courses are taught by experienced professionals in high-quality facilities, and provide qualifications that are recognised across the industry.

Here’s what we can offer:

  • Classes taught by lecturers with industry experience
  • Links with local employers, who are looking to give people like you a route into their organisation
  • Support available via your own tutor to help you succeed
  • All the benefits of studying at Weston College - including exclusive student discounts
  • Fantastic facilities including ...

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Careers in the green task force

Here are just a few examples of job titles that have shown to be the most popular listings in the South West region within the last year.

We've bundled the best education in the area with career boosted benefits - and are leveraging our contacts as one of the largest Colleges in the country to give you the best possible chance of success.

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The construction industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK.

Working in the construction industry can be very financially beneficial, however in order to reach that, a high level of training, experience and dedication will be required. Studying our courses will allow you to develop your skills and knowledge in your chosen area and help you have a successful career in construction. The huge range of courses on offer will allow you to choose the perfect course for you, including many options for Apprenticeships, giving you the opportunity to learn while on the job and earn a wage. Alternatively, if you perform better learning in the classroom, you could choose a diploma course.


What could you earn?

  • Bricklaying: £12,196 - £37,019
  • Plastering: £12,352 - £39,748
  • Electrician: £18,228 - £41,325
  • Carpentry: £18,010 - £39,600
  • Project Managers: £25,857 - £41,454


Local facts

  • 55% of the workforce is employed in manual occupations
  • 37% of the workforce is self-employed
  • More than 35% of people in the sector are their own boss running their own businesses

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