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Girls in goal smiling for a picture

We are thrilled to announce that today our Health and Sport department hosted of the 'Biggest Ever Football Session' for Year 4/5 girls in celebration of International Women's Day, March 8th. The event was proudly supported by our talented female BTEC Sport students and Football Academy players. 

In collaboration with the North Somerset Schools PE Association (NSSPEA), this tournament aimed to celebrate girls' football by providing a unique opportunity for local primary school girls to actively participate in the sport. Throughout the morning, our female sport learners lead various activities and refereed matches, adding an extra layer of mentorship and guidance to the participants. 

Georgia, our Female Academy Head Coach, expresses the importance of this event, stating, "The aim of the tournament was to celebrate women and girls’ football by providing an opportunity for local primary schoolgirls to play the sport and showcase that football is accessible to them. Following the success of the Senior England Women’s Football team over the last few years, it is important that we continue to build on the legacy that was created by our Lionesses in 2022 through winning a home European Championship and provide opportunities for young girls to take up the sport." 

"International Women’s Day is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate women in sport and their achievements. It’s a chance to educate and raise awareness about the bias, stereotypes, challenges, and discrimination that women in sport have experienced and how we can celebrate difference as well as how we can drive inclusion and equality in sport. 

As Georgia emphasises, " For the younger generation, International Women’s Day can highlight sporting heroes, whether that be athletes, coaches, officials, or other inspirational figures that they can look up to. The day can help inspire positive change for young women and girls in sport and hopefully move us closer to an industry that is equal for all". 

Thank you to our health and sport learners and staff for an incredible tournament, happy International Women's Day!

For those interested in exploring Sport and Fitness courses at Weston College, please visit Sport and Fitness | Weston College 

Hydrogen cannister in car

Weston College's Automotive Careers Excellence Hub recently hosted Block Automotive for an engaging workshop. Lee Trussler showcased a cutting-edge Hydrogen Fuel Cell Training vehicle, inspiring both staff and students alike.

Lee showcased their innovative Hydrogen Fuel Cell Training vehicle, modeled after the renowned Toyota Mirai. This demonstration not only provided an invaluable learning experience for Automotive and Engineering staff but also offered an exciting glimpse into essential green technology for learners.

Block Automotive has over 40 years of manufacturing experience and is the market leader in innovation and design providing automotive, HGV, and agricultural vocational training equipment.

The collaboration between Weston College and Block Automotive highlights a commitment to staying at the forefront of automotive education and sustainable technology. By introducing this cutting-edge training vehicle, Weston College aims to equip its staff and students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the rapidly evolving automotive industry.

This demonstration not only served as a professional development opportunity for staff but also provided learners with firsthand exposure to eco-friendly automotive technologies. As the world shifts towards greener solutions, Weston College remains committed to preparing its students for the future of the automotive industry.

Chris Priest the Subject Area Manager for Automotive at Weston College, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "Welcoming Lee Trussler and the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Training vehicle to Weston College is an exciting milestone for our Automotive Department. This demonstration aligns with our mission to provide cutting-edge education that prepares our students for success in a rapidly changing world."

Justin Lavery, Finance Director at Block Automotive, added: "Lee Trussler, National Sales Manager for Block Automotive Limited travelled to Weston College last week to provide a full demonstrate our new Hydrogen trainer to Weston College. "Weston College’s team made Lee feel very welcome, the level interest and excitement was marvellous. The demonstration allowed learners to inspect the training rig exacting parallels between education and Industry through the provision of cutting edge education in the Hydrogen and Electric Vehicle space. "We are very grateful to be working with Weston College and are excited to be contributing to the further evolution of their Automotive Department. Our thanks to Chris Priest, Ross Hawkins and their TEAM for hosting us at their amazing premises in Weston-Super-Mare."  

This workshop forms part of the Automotive Careers Excellence Hub. The College has fourteen sector-specific Career Excellence Hubs, which evidence our dedication to supporting both employers and learners in achieving their future goals. By creating a seamless connection between industry and education, we enable learners to acquire not only the essential skills and knowledge but also the professional networks necessary to excel in their chosen fields.

To see more about our Automotive courses, click here.

Food prepared by learners from Weston Bay

Weston College learners from Weston Bay, have embarked on a heartening journey of social enterprise aimed at supporting the homeless community in Weston-super-Mare.

Last week (28th February), during a social enterprise session, learners visited Somewhere to Go, who provide day and night support to rough sleepers and disadvantaged vulnerable adults, to donate minestrone, potato and leek soup, to 35 individuals.

The initiative underscores the essence of social responsibility and community engagement. Through meticulous planning, budgeting, and shopping, the learners have honed their independent living and employability skills. Moreover, their collaborative efforts have been instrumental in making this charitable event a reality.

Central to their endeavours are two pioneering projects: Soup of the Week and Students Snack Shop. These ventures are meticulously designed with the sole purpose of extending support to the homeless population. Through these initiatives, the learners have committed themselves to providing essential sustenance, embodying the spirit of empathy and altruism.

Armanda Costa, Autism Specialist Practitioner in Employment, at Weston College, said: “Our learners have shown remarkable dedication and compassion throughout this project, and they are so pleased to be able to offer a helping hand to those in the community that need it most.

“Beyond the donation of soup, this project showcases the transformative power of education and community engagement. It underscores the invaluable lessons learned through real-world experiences, instilling empathy, and compassion in the hearts of these learners.

“A big thank you to all of our learners who have done an amazing job throughout the project – our learners continue to inspire us daily.”

Noreen Nolan-Kendrew, Learning Support at Weston College, added: "Lisa and the team were overwhelmed with the amount of soup in which they received. The learners spoke about how they've researched online costs to then access the community, to purchase the ingredients needed. Over two to three weeks, they prepared and made batches of soup. Everyone was pleased and happy to see how this project had such a positive impact on vulnerable individuals, within our community. Learners and staff are now planning and looking forward to their next project - Autism Awareness!" 

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