The sports sector has seen significant growth between 2017-21. There has been a growth of 15% in job opportunities within the sector. In the UK, almost one million people work in the sports industry and it’s worth a massive £23.8billion to the economy. There has never been a better time to start your journey into the sports sector through one of our industry pathways.

There are many jobs available for people with appropriate sports qualifications and experiences, From leisure and health clubs to teaching and coaching, sports media to physiotherapy, if you’ve got the energy and the drive, the opportunities are enormous.

At Weston Sport we work with a variety of different sports teams, athletes and employers across the region to help you get the skills, knowledge and behaviours you need to reach your aspirations.

With fantastic connections in the sporting industry, we recognise your abilities and efforts and support you to achieve your top potential.

Our top-class sports facilities provide everything you need to perfect your skills, expand your opportunities and help you achieve your ambitions on and off the pitch/court.

We have a history of providing qualifications that give students the edge when they apply for jobs. Plus, our courses range from Level 1 to degree-level.

All of our Sports courses take place in our bespoke, state-of-the-art flagship facility: The Health and Active Living Skills Centre.

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We've bundled the best education in the area with career boosted benefits - and are leveraging our contacts as one of the largest Colleges in the country to give you the best possible chance of success.

Weston Sport programmes are developed in collaboration with leading employers and organisations to ensure industry practices are embedded within each programme. We work with a number of employer partners which ensures that your study programmes makes you job-ready. Our partners include: Bristol Bears and Bristol Bears Women, West of England Sport Trust (Wesport, North Somerset Council, Weston AFC Football Club.

Our programmes are endorsed by

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Level 1

Sport, BTEC Diploma

1 Year
Sep 2024
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This Level 1 Diploma is the perfect introduction to the sports industry, designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to pursue a career in sport, fitness, and exercise. You will develop a wide range of skills through community-based projects, work related experience and practical activities, and you will gain an understandin...

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Level 2

Community Activator Coach, Apprenticeship

18 Months
Aug 2024
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This apprenticeship is a dynamic programme that prepares individuals to make a positive impact in their communities through sports and physical activities. As a community activator coach apprentice, you will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to engage and inspire people of all ages and abilities to lead an active lifestyle. This appre...

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Level 2

Sport, BTEC Extended Certificate

1 Year
Sep 2024
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This course is great way to get a head start on a successful career in sports and fitness. With a combination of theory-based learning and practical applications, this exciting and comprehensive programme is designed to provide you with a solid foundation in the sports industry. You will acquire essential knowledge and have ample opportunities...

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Level 2

Sports Coaching Traineeship

1 Year
Sep 2024
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The Sports Coaching Traineeship is designed for individuals who have a passion for sports and want to become skilled coaches. This programme offers hands-on experience and knowledge in sports coaching. Trainees will learn essential coaching techniques, improve communication and leadership skills, and gain a solid understanding of sports psycho...

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Level 3

Community Sport and Health Officer, Apprenticeship

18 Months
Aug 2024
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This apprenticeship offers an exciting opportunity to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of communities, through sport and physical activity. As a Community Sport and Health Officer (CSHO), you will play a crucial role in promoting and delivering programmes to individuals of all ages and backgrounds, encouraging them to lead a...

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Level 3

Sport & Exercise Science, Extended Diploma

2 Years
Sep 2024
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This course offers a comprehensive study of the principles and applications of sport and exercise science. It serves as a perfect pathway to progressing into a sports science or therapy related degree, as it has been developed in consultation with employers and professional bodies, ensuring the content is consistent with current industry pract...

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Level 3

Sport and Exercise Science, BTEC Certificate and Extended Certificate

2 Years
Sep 2024
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Sports and Exercise Science focuses on the scientific principles and techniques applied to enhance human performance and improve physical health. It combines various disciplines such as physiology, anatomy, biomechanics, nutrition, psychology, and exercise programming. If you are passionate about physical development and analysis, this course ...

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Level 3

Sports Coaching & Physical Education, BTEC Extended Diploma

2 Years
Sep 2024
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If you dream of becoming a coach or teacher of sport, this is the course for you. This comprehensive programme is designed for individuals passionate about sports, coaching, and physical education. This diploma offers a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to equip you for a rewarding career in the sports industry. Throug...

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Sports and fitness programmes are based at our new Health and Active Living Skills Centre at Loxton Campus which boasts cutting-edge facilities such as:

  • State-of-the-art exercise physiology lab
  • Large functional fitness suite
  • Multi-purpose indoor sports hall
  • FA approved full-size 3G pitch.

The facility is also be used by a variety of employers to ensure you are developing crucial links and networks to support your journey into employment.


Sport brings together communities, improves health and well-being and provides essential skills, such as teamwork, coaching others, leadership and resilience. Roles available in the sport sector are incredibly diverse; you could become a Coach, a sports Journalist, a Sports Scientist, or many other careers. If you study a BTEC you'll get the necessary understanding and skills, to help further a career in this fast-paced and expanding industry.

- Sports Agent
- Sports Marketing
- Sports Journalist
- Sport Media Commentator
- Social Media Influencer
- Sports Lawyer
- Sports Agent

- Fitness/Gym Manager
- Leisure Manager
- Director/ Head of Centre
- Education Manager

- Swimming Teacher
- Leisure Centre Manager
- Receptionist
- Recreation Assistant
- Lifeguard
- Team Leader

- Community Health Officer
- Pilates, Yoga or Tai Chi Instructor

- Community
- Elite Performance (assistant coach, coach, advanced/senior coach)

- Athlete (sponsorship, influencer, performer)
- Sports Analyst
- Sports Scientist
- Physiotherapist
- Strengthening and Conditioning Professional
- Sports Scientist
- Sports Nutritionist
- Driver
- Sports Kit Manager

- Outdoor Activities Instructor
- Assistant Activity Leader
- Outdoor Centre Manager
- Mountain Leader
- Outdoor Event Organiser

- Fitness Facilities Manager
- Gym Instructor
- Group Exercise Instructor
- Personal Trainer
- Membership Consultant

- Primary Teaching
- PE Teaching

- Sports Development Manager
- Sports Development Officer

Achieve your full potential by joining our Academy of Sport...

Occupations related to Sport

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Cassidy Escott
"Weston college had provided me with countless opportunities within my studies and playing which has allowed me to go onto one of the best sporting universities in the UK and the world"

Extended Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science Level 3


Westhaven students at Weston Sport Football Festival

<p paraeid="{56eea5ff-c6ed-42ce-9344-2c91bc08f189}{174}" paraid="1967173483">Last week <a href="…; rel="noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">Sport</a> learners held another instalment in their series of sports and exercise festivals.&nbsp;</p><p paraeid="{56eea5ff-c6ed-42ce-9344-2c91bc08f189}{201}" paraid="1611224397">The festivals are a fantastic initiative put in place in order to engage local schools and boost the presence of inclusive sport practice within the community.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p paraeid="{685e0582-5d92-4132-b6b4-4b6a662eb1ad}{1}" paraid="1171525437"><a href="…; rel="noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">Read more about the festivals here</a>.&nbsp;</p><p paraeid="{685e0582-5d92-4132-b6b4-4b6a662eb1ad}{10}" paraid="1558775464">The most recent event was a football festival in partnership with local Uphill-based school, <a href="; rel="noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">Westhaven</a>.&nbsp;</p><p paraeid="{685e0582-5d92-4132-b6b4-4b6a662eb1ad}{29}" paraid="436424569">According to Head Teacher, Jamie Peacock, “Westhaven is a specialist school, and a unique environment, for children and young people who experience complex barriers to learning.”&nbsp;</p><p paraeid="{685e0582-5d92-4132-b6b4-4b6a662eb1ad}{37}" paraid="443570240">The festival, which took place at Loxton Campus in our Health and Active Living Skills Centre, was an excellent opportunity for both Weston College and Westhaven students to collaborate and engage in a fun-filled, active-focused afternoon.&nbsp;</p><p paraeid="{685e0582-5d92-4132-b6b4-4b6a662eb1ad}{49}" paraid="1526312479">Our Sport learners planned, set up and carried out a circuit of fun activities centred around improving football skills which the Westhaven learners eagerly participated in.&nbsp;</p><p paraeid="{685e0582-5d92-4132-b6b4-4b6a662eb1ad}{83}" paraid="376369969">Jack, Sports Academy and Enrichment Management, said “We’re really excited to be growing and building local links with local stakeholders. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to provide sport and enrichment to the community.”&nbsp;</p><p paraeid="{685e0582-5d92-4132-b6b4-4b6a662eb1ad}{83}" paraid="376369969">&nbsp;</p><img src="/sites/default/files/inline-images/0N1A5823.JPG" data-align="center" data-entity-uuid="4dff2925-2230-4488-bfd5-b87ca2994064" data-entity-type="file" alt="Westhaven students at Weston Sport Football Festival" width="547" height="471"><p paraeid="{685e0582-5d92-4132-b6b4-4b6a662eb1ad}{97}" paraid="1004631141">&nbsp;</p><p paraeid="{685e0582-5d92-4132-b6b4-4b6a662eb1ad}{97}" paraid="1004631141">Sports learners, Ella and Skyia, had this to say:&nbsp;</p><p paraeid="{685e0582-5d92-4132-b6b4-4b6a662eb1ad}{117}" paraid="836082947">“We had the opportunity to work with the Westhaven students, teaching them the basics and getting them involved in sport.&nbsp;</p><p paraeid="{685e0582-5d92-4132-b6b4-4b6a662eb1ad}{136}" paraid="36045031">We think this is important because we’re practicing valuable skills that we’ll need in our future coaching careers.&nbsp;It’s also really important to encourage inclusivity in sports and exercise.”&nbsp;</p><p paraeid="{685e0582-5d92-4132-b6b4-4b6a662eb1ad}{172}" paraid="1416776561">Amazing work guys!&nbsp;</p><p paraeid="{685e0582-5d92-4132-b6b4-4b6a662eb1ad}{178}" paraid="4872376">To learn more about Sport courses at Weston College, <a href="…; rel="noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">click here</a>.&nbsp;</p><p paraeid="{685e0582-5d92-4132-b6b4-4b6a662eb1ad}{178}" paraid="4872376">&nbsp;</p>

Two people playing cricket

<p>Jack, a former <a href="… </a>student at Weston College, has recently made his debut in this year’s <a href="… London Cup</a> at the Oval. At just 18 years old, Jack impressed in the match against Surrey, claiming two for 33.</p><p>There was a great<strong> </strong>crowd out to support Jack, and despite the downpour, Jack was still able to enjoy himself, claiming this as the “high point of his career so far, hopefully with more to come.”</p><p>Starting his Cricket career at Congresbury Cricket Club at just 6 or 7 years old, he moved to Clevedon Cricket Club at the age of 13 where he has played ever since.</p><p>Jack told the <a href="… County Cricket Club</a> about how he felt when he was told he was in the squad for this year’s Royal London Cup: “I’ve played a lot of Second XI cricket for Somerset, so when I was told that I was in the squad for the Royal London Cup I was overjoyed. I really couldn’t explain it to be honest. It was amazing and to get my chance was even better.</p><p>“The Pathway at Somerset has helped me massively. I have been involved since a young age and all of the coaches have helped me along my way and given me different ideas to help me to get to where I am now.”</p><p>Jack was a sports student at Weston College, completing his course last year, and now on a gap year to figure out what his next steps are for his future. His aim, however, is to have a Somerset contract, commenting: “Somerset Cricket is in my heart, and I wouldn’t want to play anywhere else.”</p><p>Huge congratulations to Jack, we can’t wait to see what you achieve in the future!</p>

Footballer kicking ball

<p>Weston College’s Foundation Learning Football Academy is going from strength to strength, as they sit top of the league.</p>

<p>This is the first year that the team have entered the league format, and with impressive wins against colleges such as Truro, Plymouth and Petroc under their belt, the team are on track to win the league.</p>

<p>It isn’t just their football skills on the pitch that are impressing either, with their coach, Joe Radcliffe, saying: “The learners have developed fantastically this season, and it is clear to see that they have grown in confidence, built new friendships, and show terrific resilience.”</p>

<p>Joe went on to share about the sportsmanship shown by one of his players: “Last week, one of our more accomplished footballers subbed himself off so that a learner that wasn’t as confident could take a penalty, and not only did he score the resulting spot kick, but he was absolutely made up – a fantastic testament to the camaraderie and selflessness of this team."</p>

<p>The team are competing on other fronts as well as the league, as they have qualified to represent the South West at the AOC National Finals in Nottingham, and also to represent the South West at St. Georges Park (World Class training environment, home of the Football Association).</p>

<p>Joe added: “I am so proud of this team, they continue to impress us every week, and we look forward to seeing how the rest of the season pans out.”</p>

<p>Nick Chadwick, one of the other coaches for the Academy, said: “It is inspiring to coach this group of players, who work hard for each other in order to be the best that they can. I’m so proud to be involved with this team, and they deserve every success that they are achieving.”</p>

<p>A huge well done to the team, and good luck for the rest of the season.</p>

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