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Student in classroom

<p>This National Numeracy Day at Weston College we are continuing our commitment to empowering adult learners and employers across the UK with essential numeracy skills!</p><p>National Numeracy Day serves as a reminder of the importance of numerical proficiency in everyday life and career progression. Multiply courses, funded by the government and delivered by local communities, offer a unique learning opportunity for adults aged 19 or over to build their numeracy skills.&nbsp;</p><p>From basic maths taught through fun classes like cooking, gardening and woodwork to more advanced classes, the courses are designed to meet diverse needs and empower learners to navigate numerical challenges confidently. For employers, investing in the numeracy skills of their workforce is key to driving business growth and enhancing productivity.&nbsp;</p><p>From basic numeracy training to advanced financial literacy, the courses are designed to align with business objectives and foster a culture of continuous learning. On National Numeracy Day, adults across the UK are encouraged to invest in their numeracy skills, while employers are urged to prioritise the development of their workforce’s maths competencies.&nbsp;</p><p>By getting involved in the Multiply programme, individuals and businesses alike can unlock new potential and confidence!<br>&nbsp;</p><p><meta charset="utf-8">“Being dyslexic, I always struggled with numbers. Luckily, the Multiply course allowed me to learn essential maths skills through fun classes. For instance I enrolled on a Multiply cooking course where I created new recipes and using maths to weigh out the correct ingredient measurements. Similarly, the joinery course taught me practical maths skills too, and I'm finding that my dyslexic challenges around numbers aren't as daunting anymore. I'm now adding numbers quicker and feeling more confident.”</p><p>Find out more about the Multiply Courses we have on offer below:</p><p><strong>Cost Of Living And IT Skills</strong></p><p>If the Cost-of-Living crisis in the UK is encouraging you to upskill, this course will give you skills in maths and IT required for all types of real-life scenarios. Find out more here - <a href="… of Living and IT Skills - Multiply&nbsp;</a></p><p data-pm-slice="1 1 []"><strong>Multiply ESOL</strong></p><p data-pm-slice="1 1 []">If you are currently learning English as a second or other language, this course will help you to further build your knowledge by improving your maths skills. Find out more here <strong>- </strong><a href="… (English for Speakers of Other Languages) - Multiply</a>.</p><p data-pm-slice="1 1 []">&nbsp;</p>

parked drum roller

<p>My name is Allan, and I recently completed a Plant Bootcamp at the <a href="">Construction Training Centre (CTC)</a>, which has really helped open the doors to my next great opportunity.&nbsp;</p><p>I gained access to the course through an organisation called ‘Positive People’ and thought it would be a good course for me to complete as I’d always preferred outside, hands-on work instead of working in an office environment, which I’d previously done for more than 20 years in the Transport industry.</p><p>I’d always liked the idea of getting involved in the building/construction industry, so I started by enrolling for a Dumper/Roller course. This course was short and enabled me to get a foot in the door within the industry. The staff at the Construction Training Centre were extremely helpful and approachable. My tutor, in particular, was insightful and inspiring.</p><p>Upon completion of the course, it took some searches to find employment due to my lack of experience, but I eventually was offered employment via an agency called ‘Options’, where I was working on the A39 in Minehead, building a new footpath/cycle path for four weeks.</p><p>Following this, after a short break and searches, I found work through another agency, ‘Harbon’. This time I was working in Wincanton on a biomass plant, as a dumper driver. This work is still ongoing, allowing me to receive a stable income.</p><p>After being fortunate enough to gain some experience in the industry, I would like to go back to the CTC to complete the 360 digger and telehandler courses - I feel they would give me a great advantage for my future career.</p><p>I would encourage those out there considering a course at the CTC to definitely give it a go – if you are not work shy and enjoy working in the elements, I would recommend looking at what opportunities are on offer in construction.</p><p>Thank you, Weston College, for the perfect introduction to the Construction industry!</p><p><a href="">Find out more about the CTC, here!</a></p>

Bosang outside Knightstone campus

<p paraeid="{73222705-1f78-4f4a-87d2-ac97c1bad9ce}{218}" paraid="823180263">Weston College is proud to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of Bosang Humphrey, an Access to HE student who has demonstrated exceptional resilience, dedication, and unwavering commitment to his education. Bosang, originally from Cameroon, overcame numerous personal obstacles and adversities to pursue a career in Mental Health Nursing.&nbsp;</p>

<p paraeid="{73222705-1f78-4f4a-87d2-ac97c1bad9ce}{236}" paraid="1831274478">Bosang embarked on his educational journey by enrolling in the Access to HE: Nursing, Health, and Midwifery program at Weston College. His story is a testament to the transformative power of education and the ability to overcome challenges, inspiring students, staff, and the wider community.&nbsp;</p>

<p paraeid="{73222705-1f78-4f4a-87d2-ac97c1bad9ce}{244}" paraid="1862438248">From the moment he arrived in the UK in 2006, Bosang exhibited a relentless pursuit of excellence. His journey began with overcoming language barriers, but through hard work and a positive attitude, he conquered these obstacles. His academic achievements, initially at a pass level, have since soared to merits and distinctions, showcasing his exceptional abilities and dedication.&nbsp;</p>

<p paraeid="{73222705-1f78-4f4a-87d2-ac97c1bad9ce}{254}" paraid="1611578658">One of the most remarkable aspects of Bosang's journey is his determination to improve his IT skills. As a novice in IT upon joining the programme, he persevered, and today, he handles technology with ease. His dedication to self-improvement is an inspiration to fellow students.&nbsp;</p>

<p paraeid="{3d2f194e-955a-495e-b4f1-4a0db927845e}{13}" paraid="813345325">Bosang's commitment to his studies extended beyond the classroom, as he frequently stayed late, invested additional time, and sought support to enhance his learning. His extraordinary efforts have made him a role model for all learners, illustrating the power of determination and perseverance in the pursuit of education and personal growth.&nbsp;</p>

<p paraeid="{3d2f194e-955a-495e-b4f1-4a0db927845e}{21}" paraid="141096488">Maxine Park, Subject Area Manager for Access to HE at Weston College, had high praise for Bosang. She stated,&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

<p paraeid="{3d2f194e-955a-495e-b4f1-4a0db927845e}{31}" paraid="1523725359">"We have been very fortunate to meet Bosang, as he inspires us during every session. He is a shining example of what dedication, resilience, and a thirst for knowledge can achieve. He achieved academic excellence and radiated positivity and a willingness to go the extra mile. He embodies the qualities that this award represents – a relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep desire to contribute positively to society. Bosang is not just a student; he is a role model, and he undoubtedly deserves recognition for his outstanding accomplishments and the inspiration he provides to others."&nbsp;</p>

<p paraeid="{3d2f194e-955a-495e-b4f1-4a0db927845e}{53}" paraid="1294522975">In addition to his academic achievements, Bosang has brought a deeper understanding of his culture to his classmates, encouraging them to explore other cultures and ways of thinking. His warm and infectious energy has earned the admiration of his peers, who often seek his guidance.&nbsp;</p>

<p paraeid="{3d2f194e-955a-495e-b4f1-4a0db927845e}{63}" paraid="1978691930">Weston College wholeheartedly believes that Bosang deserves recognition for his exceptional accomplishments and that his story will continue to inspire others to overcome obstacles and strive for excellence in their own educational pursuits. His future in the Mental Health Nursing sector is undoubtedly bright, and the College looks forward to witnessing his continued success.&nbsp;</p>


Martha standing in beauty room
Marta was motivated by a desire to excel in the field of Beauty Therapy when she began her journey at Weston College as an adult learner. Marta recognised the importance of acquiring additional qualifications and skills to enhance her competitiveness in the job market.

Access to HE: Beauty Therapy

James standing wearing welding gloves and mask, holding a blow touch
James, a dedicated adult learner at Weston College, embarked on a journey to enhance his welding skills with the Level 2 Aluminium Welding course. With a clear vision and determination to expand his expertise, James found the course the perfect platform to realise his goals.

Access to HE: Level 2 Aluminium Welding

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